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  1. Very sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I always enjoyed his posts, they were always informative. Condolences to his family.
  2. Tiny, was that the "electro-illuminescent (blue paddle lights)lighting? We had the blue paddle lights at Eglin on one of our acft. (66-0217) when I was there in 1982-1984.
  3. I got this off of Facebook, it is one of the groups I belong too: It was posted by a current member of the 50th. For those wondering the fate of the 50th, our UNOFFICIAL last day is being socialized as 1 May. We still do not have official word regarding our possible deactivation or any other possibilities. In preparation for this outcome we are looking into the feasibility of having a alumni reunion in April and also an online auction of Red Devil memorabilia (items the LRAFB and USAF museum Historian can't take) in order to allow those who helped purchase these items through the Red Devil Association a chance to give our proud heritage a good home. More details to follow.
  4. Birthday Greetings from Hawaii, I hope you had a great day:-))
  5. Thank you hehe & P3_SuperBee. I thought it was a Navy bird because of the way the numbers were on the tail and under the cockpit.
  6. Where is this tail flash from? Picture was taken today at the Keahole-Kona International Airport by my daughter. https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtf1/v/t1.0-9/12239732_1022995971065897_544793240558109986_n.jpg?oh=bca128dae3fa75e31f61515a897ed981&oe=56F12BAD&dl=1
  7. May he rest in peace. I hope you are comforted by knowing he is no longer suffering.
  8. I voted for the galleries. Thanks for your dedication to this site.
  9. I'm sure you'll have it fixed in no time. Take a night off and have a cervesa to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo":-))
  10. bbsoto


  11. Thanks for your hard work with maintaining this site. Figuring it out, but it seems ok.
  12. No doubt he is a great leader! It appears to me that this is a training jump as none of the jumpers were carrying weapons. It's still impressive non the less to see a leader of country serving as a "Jumpmaster". I think he inspires his people by his actions. Our President could take a few lessons about leading from the front from King Abdullah.
  13. If Bob Woods is still on this site he may able to post it. He sent me 2 CD's with the video you are looking for. I hope this helps. If I could download them I would but it would take forever.
  14. Merry Christmas Chris, May your New Year be one of Good Health and Blessing's. Bruce
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    Thank you Tiny, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.
  16. I hope you are having a Wonderful Day! Happy Birthday:-))
  17. A sad day for their for families and special operations. We remember them with Honor and Pride!
  18. There was a a hand held lamp, it was called an "Aldis Lamp". Spelling might be wrong:-))
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    Retired CMSgt Bob Macon (C-130 FE then later a C-17 Loadmaster) received a STEP back in the mid to late 80's at Little Rock AFB, AR. I'm sure I know several others but I'm drawing a blank right now.
  20. Awesome news Giz!!!!!!!!!!
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    "I like....a lot. Where can you buy it?" I saw it reported by some others that they have seen it on E-Bay for $10.00.
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