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  1. We have '74 Model H1s with Non NVIS compatible displays and controls. Has anyone found a good solution to allow for Night vision operation?
  2. It was me, we were trying to use it as an AM/FM radio when we first got the planes, before we really understood how these were wired. I had ATIS tuned in and still heard it when I turned it off. Weakly of course because we were pulling it in from just the coax connector on the front of the R/T.
  3. Finally fixed it! It was a well hidden problem that existed ever since the plane was modified for ARC-186. (Reference 1C-130H-2-13 figure 4-6 2RF4.00) The wire RF2018C20 was supposed to have been removed from pin18 at the back of the adapter mount P1 and be spliced into RF2036A20. Both wires are 28VDC from the circuit breaker. Also pin 18 of the adapter mount J1 is connected to P2 pin H at the RT (not shown in the diagram). Pin H is the 24 VDC switched power developed internally. So when SCNS turned the radio on everything came alive. But when SCNS tried to power off, the 28 VDC at pin 18 provided by RF2018C20 was back feeding through the mount and J2 pin H the keeping the radio active even though the power on signal was not present at Pin U. So a missed step in a mod back in 1981~1985ish and missing info on a diagram lead to one hell of a wild goose chase. ARC186 VHF-FM.pdf
  4. We just got rid of those on ours this summer.
  5. So I finally was able to re-attack this problem. We have pulled pin 54 from the plug at the Co's IDCU and pin U at the radio. both times the radio still turned on, and we could not shut if off! We have verified no shorts to ground at pin 54 and U to all other wires in the IDCU connector. We have changed out the Co's IDCU and pulled the breakers on the other two IDCU's.
  6. Unfortunately the wire numbers are illegible if any. This plane is also one that is the only one with the Digital CVR and the first one to have the 406 ELT. We suspect it was probably a test bed of some sorts. N1DP, 73. N1SSJ
  7. We have an H1 74-1664 that came from Little Rock that has two 10 Amp DC circuit breakers labeled VHF FM. The wiring diagram 2RF4.00 only shows one. The second breaker was collared and we are trying to find out why so we can properly annotate our forms for an upcoming inspection. All other aircraft have only one CB. Does anyone know what the second one was for? Was there ever a third VHF, a TCTO, or perhaps a test installation that never came to fruition?
  8. We have a 74 year C-130H1 with a #2 VHF radio that wil not turn off through SCNS. Turning off SCNS also does not shut off the radio. We have swapped IDCUs, RTs and mounts, and have checked the Power on/off signal wire for continutity and a short to ground. Everything checks out. Also, Bypassing Secure voice has no effect. Has anyone seen this before or have any out of the box ideas? We've got a head scratcher here.
  9. We are haveing difficulty procuring the tools for changing an HF Longwire antenna. We are looking to get one wrench and two of the Pliers that stretch the tensioners. If there is anyone that has any that no longer needs them, we'd be glad to take them off your hands. Please message me here or email me at bret.mazur@ang.af.mil
  10. We ordered that number and lo and behold it's exactly what we need. Many thanks Sir!
  11. CT currently has 74-1664, 1667, 1680, 2133, 2134. awaiting 1687, 2063, and 2069.
  12. Thanks for your help guys. I appreciate you looking into it. These birds are new to us and we have no history to draw from.
  13. '74 C-130H1 ARC-190 We are having trouble finding a part number for the binding post that secures the antenna lead in from the lightning arrestor to the antenna coupler. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4169[/ATTACH] The number in the IPB for the sheild assembly did not cross to any NSN. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4170[/ATTACH] Does anyone know how we can get a new one of these? [ATTACH=CONFIG]4171[/ATTACH]
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