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  1. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/politics/minn-leaders-ask-air-force-to-save-airlift-mission/89-8efdf6b2-9994-438e-98fb-0a9aaacc49f5
  2. My friend J.D. passed away in Cabot, Arkansas September 8th. It came as a great shock. He will be missed. R.I.P.
  3. I was just thinking about the remaining AD herk squadrons. Just a shell of what we have had. Yokota (1), Dyess (2), Little Rock (2) I consider the 62 as an RTU, but is AD, Elmendorf (1), and Ramstein (1). Not including Special Ops. 7 Worldwide. Downsizing and so forth. What a shame.
  4. Atouk


    I remember. I was on the 50th crew that day. We were going to do Lapes training. I'll never forget that one. Wow, 35 years...RIP to my fellow aviators.
  5. The winged lion (Griffin) came into existence in the eighties. From what I remember is was an Air Force approved patch.
  6. Atouk


    We were able to get to FL 310 during a cross country of the US. Just hanging there.
  7. File your appeal. I too did not have tinnitus officially diagnosed either. As a former employee of the VA the Board of Appeals has stated that they will not deny this condition.
  8. I remember the wing separation incident. I was the 50th crew that cancelled that mission. We were to do LAPES that day. It's funny how they blamed pilot error, when the red, white and green wing limitations came out due to cracks.
  9. Heard through the grapevine the 50th is closing. I had heard they were an associate (AD) sq, Any news is appreciated.
  10. Do not go to a civilian lawyer. You simply need to file a notice of disagreement and appeal. If your Notice of Disagreement was denied, follow up and file a VA Form 9, Appeal to Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA). BVA has said in the past that if the veteran reports tinnitus, they cannot refute it. Hang in there.
  11. I guess my memory was off slightly. I will never forget that one.
  12. Bob, The 50 AS had a fatal accident in I think Feb of '79. We lost our Squadron Commander. This was a result of a throttle cable failure. Remember, all Herks were grounded until checked?
  13. I haven't posted in a long time, but I am glad that we are finally equipping our active duty with the airframes that we have been long overdue!
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