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    Enlisted in "61,worked 52's at Bergstrom until 1963,went to McQuire and started the 130 outfit there,trans to Goose Bay (54th Arrs)and worked HC-130H/P the Squadron moved to Pease in '67,I transfered to Guam in the (79th Arrs)in '69-71,trans to Pope,couldn't stand it there so I got out,re-enlisted 138 days later,went to Hulbert ,worked Gunships til '74,went to Hawaii,was in the 6594th test gp there,left there in '77 went to Fairchild,to Det 24 Arrs,I ended up as the Chief Of Maintenance there.Left there and went to Keesler in '81,Line chief and QC there,worked ABCCC,weather and Hurricane Hunters.Retired in 1983.
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    Mississippi Gulf Coast

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  1. Absolutly not my crew chief,I totally agree with you.
  2. I don't know if I should laugh or be amazed.A fellow on the crew chief site said he was on a C-130E that was at 61K doing HALO drops.I questioned it and he affirmed that was what he said.I spent quite a few years on Herks,The best altitude I was ever at on one was during Apollo13 support off of Samoa we were at 37500.and literally hanging on the props.Anyone ever seen 61k in a C-130?
  3. When I was at Goose Bay Labrador in 1966 we had an H model (65-976) that went into a flat wing spin,they were doing power on stalls,at 10k and recovered it at 2500 ft,the w/w doors had popped out in to the air stream and were ripped to the top of the w/w,.Lockheed sent a team to look at it,the "G" meter was pegged in both directions.They told us to fix it and fly it.From then on it required 2 1/2 degrees left trim to fly straight and level.
  4. Great to finally hear about this.My thanks to you for a job well done!!
  5. I remember that well.
  6. I was also at McGuire in the 1613th Oms dock 36.the navy was bad about taking an acft wit h red X open on them because they never read the 781's.I was there from the start of the 1613th when we had no acft and roll call 4 times a day.Col Hester was an ass.
  7. I was the crew chief on this acft in 1966-1967 at Goose Bay Labrador and Pease AFB N.H. She had a dragon painted on the left side of her nose (it was removed in 1968).I have never heard od the name Maverick before.I was also the crew chief when she was on loan to the 79th ARRS on Guam.WE were on the Apollo 13 recovery mission in Samoa.She is a great aircract and was flown on several occasions on a black initial.She was a HC-130H at the time.
  8. I was also at Hurlburt in 72-74,was on the line and then TODO to get it in shape for IG.
  9. I have several,was crew chief of 65-0978 and 65-0985 69-71
  10. I was on Guam with the guy who was the crew chief on the acft,the guy that took it was an asst,I can't remember his name been way too long ago.But he said the general concensus,since the fighters were scrambled,was that it was a shoot down.
  11. I was in the 79th ARRS on Guam from 69-71,we lost no birds during that time frame
  12. No problem Dutch,just clearing up any misunderstanding ,I worked both systems,easy to get confused after a few years lol
  13. Not what I said guys, I said the recovery sys that was shown at the start was used for air to air recovery,The Fulton sys was used for grd to air recovery.
  14. That recovery system is for inflight recovery of satillites.854 had a Fulton recovery sys. which was for ground to air recovery.here is a video
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