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  1. Looking for someone who can confirm this writing or was there. Subj: The Hanoi Pick Up You Haven't Heard This little story will be appreciated by all who served in Vietnam...especially those who served in the Air Force and knew POW’s who died in captivity. The Hanoi Pick Up You Haven't Heard I'm sorry this has taken so long. I would be a great procrastinator if I ever got around to it!! I've been toying for years about writing the full story, but just haven't done it. May still do it some day. I'll give you a down and dirty version so I don't waste too much of your time. A
  2. The government of Vietnam must be starting a new air line. I recall getting 240 Vietnamese in the cargo bay along with their chickens, pigs, cows and family dead. This should turn out to be quite profitable for Vietnam as an airliner. I agree with Bill, I don't think the Vietnamese living in the south need any introduction to the C-130. Besides, the Vietnamese have plenty of spare parts to keep the plane flying from the ones we gave them in the 70's. Jay
  3. At McGuire AFB I worked in Dock 36 doing Post and PE inspections. Later the Air Force switched to Phase Inspections. We started off working 5 days a week but when support for Vietnam started we worked 7 days a week around the clock, 12 hour days. I remember pushing an aircraft out of the dock at the end of the shift only to have the flight line pull one into the dock as soon as the aircraft we were towing was down the taxie way headed to the back line. Really long fun days. The Navy had terrible fight crews and as I found out later terrible maintenance crews. When I came back from Vietnam I wa
  4. When I first got to McGuire AFB in the winter of 65, I was assigned to the 1613 OMS. We did all the maintenance on USAF marked C-130Es that were flown by the Navy. It was not a good combination. The Navy air crews beat the air planes up pretty bad. Upon return to McGuire the Navy crews just parked the C-130 and walked away, most didn't fill out the 781 logs. Most of their missions were to England or France. We later became the 438 OMS and as Vietnam geared up more and more air force flight crews started flying our C-130Es to Vietnam.
  5. Sounds like the dirt strip I knew as Bao Loc AB, located north of Tan Son Nhut AB. I believe we lost a C-130 there delivering ammunition. I don't think the flight engineer made it out. My mind is getting real fuzzy at times.
  6. Check out the Praetorian Starship Book, their is mention of several MIG in counters getting out of North Vietnam with the MC-130E aircraft. I did hear of several near misses and their is mention of one encounter in the book. We only lost 1 MC-130E up north and he flew into a mountain. For along time it was thought the MC-130E was shot down but this wasn't the case. The MIG's don't carry allot of fuel and their engines are real fuel hogs and North Vietnam didn't have any areal tanker. So I imagine when the MIG found the MC-130E. The fighter maybe had enough fuel for one pass. If the pilot was d
  7. RomeoDelta


  8. Read the book, it's all in there. Several times, when I was reading the book, couldn't believe they allowed this to be printed. We didn't even talk about what happened, what we had seen or where we had been when I was in Vietnam. I've encountered people from that time of my life (after Vietnam) and neither of us show any sign of knowing the other person. Even when I was in the 8th Army Hospital and crazy with fever I was Isolated from everyone. I've talked to several people who were in the Blind Bat program, they were never as secretive as we were. Normally, our uniforms were striped of name t
  9. If you enjoyed the video, take a look at the book. PRAETORIAN STARSHIP. Combat Talon Special Operations. The book is available on Kindle and a good read. Their is even the story about the MIG chasing the MC-130E out of North Vietnam. If your looking for more info search, Stray Goose International. This will give you the official black bird site. I believe yesterday they had the dedication of the memorial to the crews and planes lost in operations at Hurlburt Field. Ever time I see the video it gets better. Jay
  10. ​Thank you, Casey for all your hard work in upgrading the old site software to new software. In the new software the clutter is missing, making it much easier to read and follow for us old folks. The web page now fits my monitor screen. Navigating the web site is very easy compared to the old site. Great Job.
  11. Here is an aircraft none of you have seen and I will bet everyone will have to look it up. B-45C I worked on 2 of them at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford. It was the only jet powered aircraft I encountered that had an oil consumption chart in the aircraft log book for the jet engines. The aircraft was powered by 4 J47s jet engines. All oil from the rear turbine bearings was drained over board. P&W used both aircraft for testing the P100 jet engine. Also, worked on T28A (1495) model at El Centro NAF in southern California. A model was powered by Wright R1300. Great aircraft to le
  12. When it comes to the Air National Guard look before you leap. Talk as much as possible to everyone in the unit. Some units can have clicks that are impossible to over come and will only create hard feelings. Also, check how promotions a handled. In most cases as a part timer you can only go so high in rank until you hit the wall. Usually, that is a T/Sgt. Another good indication of the rank cap is check the back log to attend NCO school. To get beyond T/Sgt you have to attend a USAF Senior school. On the flip side, retirement from the guard is as good as the regular service.
  13. I just got back from Duke Field today. Where the Air Force had a big ceremony for the operation EAGLE CLAW anniversary and the retirement of the last of the Talon I MC-130E aircraft. The ceremony was a moving time. It was really nice to see 64-0562 the last of the Det1 314 TCW Vietnam aircraft and at the same time was sad. I will try and copy the Ceremony booklet later today.
  14. Nice trucks and stickers. The sticker in the rear window of the pickup truck reminds me of something that happened to me several years ago. For years, I dodged jury duty. I received my usual 5 year jury duty summons. On the day requested I loaded my lunch into my truck and drove to the court house. Signed in and was given a number for the jury pool. After a very boring morning I was called into the court room. I was seated in the jury chair the judge wanted to fill. The judge, ask the usual questions and I answered truthfully. He then asks me how I got to court this morning. I told him I dro
  15. I agree with what everyone had to say. Vietnam was a meat grinder for C-130 maintenance personal. What would you expect when all valuable cargo moved by air. Think about it, with out the C-130 in Vietnam, the war would have had a much different out come. Only the coastal bases received cargo transported by other means. I came to Vietnam weighing about 190 and left weighing 150 and spent 30 days in the 8th Army Hospital. Having started my military career in the Air Force and finishing it in Army Aviation (combat). At least the Army issued its maintenance people weapons and you were expected to
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