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Intersting loads?


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Just noticed this topic today...the Saudi rote out of Rhein-Main in the 80's was a nice break from the nasty-assed German weather.  My first trip was loaded front-to-back with pallets of Charmin toilet paper cases.  At first I thought there was an outbreak of dysentery or something among the Americans all over Saudi, which could only be cured by a huge input of American toilet paper..??  Got to sandland; started helping AP push the pallets out onto the loader, when I distinctly heard every pallet load of "toilet paper" making lots of little "clinking" noises, very much like glass bottles being jostled around inside the boxes.  Turns out, that's how we used to "import" the illegal booze for all the American government outposts all over the kingdom.  Mostly Heinie Red Star and JD...

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