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The worst check ride I ever survived was from a examiner that was getting a check ride from a real hard ass.

Probably the best check ride I ever received was from Doug Grant, 616 MAG SEFE, on the Duck Butt mission out of EDF. Guess he figured it wa a way for him to go on the mission. Not a lot of questions asked, just a "fair" share of beers drank every RON. Luckily there were 2 FEs on the mission! Him and me.

2nd best, flying back from up north. Doug Parsons, 17 TAS SEFE, was administering the ride. Engine oil temp had climbed above 100 degrees. Told the pilot we needed to cage the engine. Doug asked why since we had a 5 minute limitation in flight. I had to say, off intercom, it's above 100, not 85-100. He said "oh" and sat down on the bunk.

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