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Mystery Hum


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LTV Electrosystems got a trial contract at Donaldson Center in Greenville Sc. In 67 to IRAN C-130,s.

I got a job in QC. in April 67.

I live about 45 miles away from there.

One night with my bedroom window open I thought I heard a C-130 engine running.I knew it wasn't but I ask the next day and none had been run. Even if there was there is no way I could have heard it this far away.

Since then I have heard them on many occasions and in the last few years I have heard that Hum more often.

I have got to ask has anyone else heard this Hum???

My wife says I am crazy, maybe so.

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I first heard it when I was 21. Just a few months after I got out of the AF.

I still hear it and have told some friends and my wife. The hum I hear don't sound like the sampels on the link.

More like a C-130 running off in the distance.

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