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C-130 Database Member Entries Enabled


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After much trial and error, I have a beta version of the C-130 Database Aircraft Profile data entry system and approval system in operation.

As I am sure you all can imagine, entering histories for 2,400 pus aircraft is quite an undertaking for one person. It is my hope that the community will join in and help me push the project forward. Please help me by adding/updating entries and/or encouraging persons with firsthand knowledge of the aircraft to add entries and/or funnel info to us.

Here's how it works:

1) On the right side of each history entry, there is a pencil icon and a plus symbol icon. Members who are logged in can click them to edit the entry (pencil) or to add a new entry (plus symbol).

Note: If you are not logged-in the icons will be grayed-out and inoperable.


2) After clicking one of the two icons, the data entry page will load. The page's data fields will be prepopulated with the data from the entry you clicked the icon in step 1.

Note: I chose to prepopulate the data for new entries as well as for entry edits to decrease the amount of typing required. (Only a portion of the data typically changes from entry to entry.)

3) Edit the data fields to edit the original entry (if you clicked the pencil) or to create a new entry (if you clicked the plus).

4) After making edits, click the "update/add entry" button.


5) The entry confirmation page will load, click the "Return to Details" button.

6) You will then be taken back to the aircrafts profile page. You will be able to see your added/updated entries in the "Aircraft History Entries Awaiting Approval" blocks located just below the "Aircraft History" Block.

Note: You will only be able to see entries that you have added/edited.


7) I will be notified of and review/approve all pending approvals.

If you experience any issues with the system or if you have any questions, please let me know.


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