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Hi,for Chritmas,I received an Hercules C130J scale 1/72 in plastic kit,I would like transform it for a C130A model,I know there not very similar(propelers,wings tanks...)but what are external diference thru this two models,I'm looking for drawing or little plan of these two birds.I would like to show this model finished for our next exhibition on EFAB.May be you woud can help me?

Thank you.


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Hi Laurent,

As I recall the kits are the same except that the J kit has the different props and engines. (naturally ) The kit's J engines look like better replicas that the -9's they are supposed to replicate. If you use the kit engines I don't think anyone except us will know the difference. All you will need to do is install the 3 blade parts/ props. As for external tanks you will need to find some that come with F-101 Vodoo's. They have the same tanks. You will need to find a drill bit the same size as the troop windows if you are planning to add landing lights.

I will check my parts stash. I am pretty sure that I have all the 3 blade props/parts I also have extra cargo comp windows to use as landing lights. You are on your own as far as finding the external tanks. I have lots of the standard tanks in use today but not the A model ones. You can check out the OZMODS web page in Austraila they used to have an A model conversion set available last time I checked.

Let me know if you want /need my spare parts. just let me know where to send them.

Good luck,

Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick

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I am converting a H model kit to an A model with a OZMODS conversion kit I purchased off of Ebay. It has the three bladed props (which you can set at the blade angle you want) and proper fuel tanks along with exhaust. Every thing fits very well and looks correct.


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