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    Was with the 374th from July 67 to Jan 69. First assignment was as OIC of the Propeller shop, the as OIC of Non Powered AGE, OIC of the Phase Inspection Branch and last assignment was as a Flight Line Maintenance Officer with the 35th TAS. My NCOIC was Smsgt Jesse Jame

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  1. All of us who were in the 35th know that it was the best unit at Naha. Barry Sanders USAF Ret.
  2. Quite a change from the good old days in the 374th with A models at Naha.
  3. I was in the 374th from Jul. 67 to Jan. 69 as a Maintenance Officer with the 35 TAS and the FMS My first mane is Barry do we know each other?
  4. Thanks purchased it. My Daughter is going to make me a quilt and put the patch's on it. I don't know how many time I have searched ebay and not found anything.
  5. I would like to buy a 35 TAS Patch if anyone has a spare . I was the flight line Maintenance Officer with the 35th in 1968. I lost mine and it is the only patch from my Air Force Career that I do not have. Thanks for any help in getting one. Barry Sanders USAF Retired
  6. When did Crew Chiefs ever do what they told?
  7. Nothing like doing nose gear up at the Depot for C130's. They should have parts to fix her up. Old C130A Maintenance Officer a few miles south of Hill.
  8. I am still looking for a 35th TAS patch anyone have any idea where I can find one?
  9. When Army failed to tell you truck was full of ammo not empty.
  10. f4enut

    Need help

    I am converting a H model kit to an A model with a OZMODS conversion kit I purchased off of Ebay. It has the three bladed props (which you can set at the blade angle you want) and proper fuel tanks along with exhaust. Every thing fits very well and looks correct. Barry
  11. I have done several searchs for Jesse an I have had no luck in locating him. It sure would be fun to be able to contacy him again if he is still with us. Barry
  12. I was there as Maintenance Officer with the 35th in 1968. Do any of you remember the night a C130 was towed across runway at Naha but were talking to tower at Kadena who also had a C130 being towed across runway? SMSGT Jesse James and I had to play detective to keep guys out trouble. If anyone has an extra 35th patch I am looking for one.
  13. Any one remember a fairly new Dodge Crew Cab truck at Ubon that supposed to have been pillfered from Danang one rainy night? Had to transfer fuel from other trucks as we did not have a gas card for it.
  14. I have a patch from all units I was assigned to in my Air Force Career except for a 35th TAS patch. Anyone out there know where I can find one? As a young LT. going to Nam I did not think to save one when I left in Jan 69 for Danang and F4's. I figured that this group who remember that real 130's only had three blade props and were built in 57 might have a lead on where a extra one might be hidden away. thanks Barry Sanders USAF Ret./[email protected]
  15. AS a Maintenance Officer in 67,68 at Naha I remember the LAPES drops used to watch them make practice drops in the grass next to the runway at Naha.
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