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C-130 News: Coulson to convert a second air tanker


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Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc. of Oregon announced today that they have acquired a second aircraft which they will convert into an air tanker. Formerly operated for a number of years by Alaska-based Lynden Air Cargo, the Lockheed L-382G is the civilian version of a C-130E.

Wayne Coulson, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, said they will install a 4,800 USG Coulson RADS XXL tank into the aircraft beginning in November of this year.

Coulson Aviation has been operating Tanker 131, C-130Q N130FF c/n [cn]4901[/cn] which is similar to a C-130H, since August of 2013. The tank in T-131 can hold almost 4,000 gallons; their average load this year has been 3,700 gallons.

Mr. Coulson said:

It is our understanding that the USFS will have a “Next Generation II†Air tanker bid opportunity in the fourth quarter of 2014, and we want to be ready to participate in the bid process. Our current C-130Q firefighting aircraft has been performing extremely well, and both the aircraft and the 4,000 USG RADS XL tanking system have exceeded expectations.

View original Article: http://fireaviation.com/2014/08/14/coulson-to-convert-a-second-air-tanker/

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