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HC-130P Mig Kill?


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I received the message below from David Horn and thought that ya'll might find it interesting.

Got an interesting trivia fact on HC-130P 66-0215 during the Vietnam war. It may have been credited with a MIG-21 kill....Casey Quinn the pilot (he thought 65-0215 but has to be 66-0215) replied in an email after he looked in his log book.

The story is about half way down in the article.



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Check out the Praetorian Starship Book, their is mention of several MIG in counters getting out of North Vietnam with the MC-130E aircraft. I did hear of several near misses and their is mention of one encounter in the book. We only lost 1 MC-130E up north and he flew into a mountain. For along time it was thought the MC-130E was shot down but this wasn't the case.

The MIG's don't carry allot of fuel and their engines are real fuel hogs and North Vietnam didn't have any areal tanker. So I imagine when the MIG found the MC-130E. The fighter maybe had enough fuel for one pass. If the pilot was dumb enough to try a second pass, the MIG didn't make it home.

I do know of a situation where 2 A1E's downed a MIG17 in North Vietnam. MIG pilot learned the hard way not to get in front of 4 20mm cannons.

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Dave Horn sent me the same thing. I talked to my good buddy Stony Burk who was in ARRS at Clark at the time and he says its bullshit.

There was a Blind Bat C-130A crew that tangled with a pair of MiGs over northern Laos one night when they were diverted to flare for ground personnel. They were about 120 miles west of Hanoi when they were alerted that two MiGs had taken off and were headed for them. They had no maps because they were out of their area but they dropped down below the ridges and used their radar to stay away from them. Jack Blewitt was the nav. Jack taped intercom and radio transmissions and sent me copies back in the 80s. I'm not sure if I still have them or not. The crew was from the 35th and I heard about it when they came back to Naha. Jack said the MiGs were so close they were picking up their radar energy.


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