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c-130/L-100's in florida/georgia area


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'Joe Swartzentruber' commented "Off to some army training base for them to jump all over and fuck up even more" on the C-130 crewchiefs Facebook group where it was posted originally.

Hopefully Tiny will have some slightly more detailed info.



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C-130E 63-7872 is now at the University of Dayton Research Institute (parking lot) - is being used by AFLCMC and UDRI as a research aircraft. It was dismantled at Eglin AFB and trucked onto four trucks to Dayton, OH. 


and https://udayton.edu/blogs/udri/19-05-15-c-130.php?fbclid=IwAR2AMATdpqm1NhHwTT1lB66AsdLVPIQE74rWlOWfoqkZaYeLSFLjfXcFTNc#.XNwVlM4SDmg.twitter


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