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C-130 fuselages on road trip


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Haven't been around much at all the past few months. Lots of reasons why, no one reason, but pile them all up and I just haven't made it here. Anyway, last week Wednesday just outside of Butte, Montana I saw something amazing. Two C-130 fuselages each wrapped in blue shrink wrap, each strapped to a BNSF RR flat car headed west. As we were headed east to Columbus and a visit with Ken I did not turn around and follow. Anyone out there (Bob?) have any idea of what was going on? By the way, I did not see any wings, stabilizers, landing gear, etc.

tinwhistle aka Chris 

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 Chris, First of all, I want to thank you again for stopping by to see me. I wish it could have been longer.

Unless Chris is color-blind he wasn't looking at the 737's that come through Columbus (7 a week I think). They are all wrapped in a bright green plastic or whatever. It actually looks more like primer of sorts. As a side note, one of them slid into the Clark's Fork River in western Montana a year or so ago. They got it out and sent it on it's way.

  After Chris told me about his sighting, I got to thinking, that the trucks could have turned north just before getting to Butte and were headed for Great Falls.  Just a guess!

By the way, Chris has had a pretty rough year, but he now looks and acts like he's up to par again.

Tinshistle's status is OR



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The green material you are referring to is call TPC...temporary protective coating.  It's applied at the manufacturer's location and is meant to provide protection to the aluminum skins until such time when the entire aircraft assembly is ready for paint.  Paint shop will remove the TPC prior to starting the primer/topcoat application process with a simple alkaline wash.  Typically all manufacturer's use/mandate a TPC during the manufacturing process but different manufacturer's use different TPC.  Boeing uses a a product with a green tint to it, LMCO uses an orange tinted material etc.


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Are you with MT ANG now?

Any reason for 1597 going to AMARG?

I saw a picture of it sitting on the intake ramp at AMARG this morning.

It was an E Flight bird in 21 TAS years ago.



Yes, I am in the unit now.

After 1597 came out of PDM a few months ago, a significant crack in the landing gear structure was discovered when it returned to GF.  Funny, I thought PDM would look for such things and fix them.  Anyway, a deal was brokered to boneyard our two super Es & get a couple/few H2s for loaners.

1598 is right behind it.

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