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First of all Ken, good luck on the upcoming surgery. I'll call a day or so after and check in on ya. Next item: If you are so inclined to visit Great Falls let me know and I'll try to go with you. I wonder if they would let Matt tag along???

Anyway, I'll call and check on your recovery........

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Thanks for your concerns guys. Actually I am excited to get the knees replaced. They aren't worth a damn the way they are now.

Bob, I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't been up to Great Falls yet! Seems that summer got in the way of things I really wanted to do. I have seen a couple flying over town, but never have my camera ready, and I do hear them go over quite often. A sound I will never forget! 

Chris, I would be happy to have you and Matt make a trip to Great Falls with me. While up there we could check out Glacier Park.

Sonny, thanks for your concern also. Maybe you need to go on a road trip also.





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