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Little Rock AFB

Monty FE

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Just curious, and I know assignments are always in flux but what units and C-130 types are currently at Little Rock?

I guess the 50th is gone?  and the Arkansas ANG may finally have some "newer" airframes?

I was never stationed there but was born there when it was a SAC base. I did get to train there later as a Flt Engineer.


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Monty, thanks for the memory. I left Sewart and the 2APS for CCK. While at CCK they closed Sewart and Moved 2APS to LRAFB. When I returned I came back to LRAFB. I loved LRAFB and the surrounding area. I liked it so well when I got out I went to work for a little air express company that was flying 5 Falcon jets out at Adams field. I stayed in the LR area till 1980. The little company grew and actually employed some of the pilots I flew with in Vietnam. They called it Federal Express later to be known as FedEx. Everybody thinks we started in Memphis but actually born out of the FBO, Arkansas Aviation, at Adams field. Had I not been stationed at LRAFB I would have never worked for FedEx. I guess I owe my 40 year career to LRAFB..

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