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Merry Christmas to all deployed or TDY and my loneliest Christmas ever


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Nope, not basic training. Had 49 close friends an arms length away. Not Sewart, drove back to Tupelo with family.......Christmas Day 1970....I had rotated back From TSN to CCK a  week earlier. Just before leaving The Merlin hotel all of my best friends had checked in over a few day period. Me and the engineer packed up and checked out and rotated back to CCK. Got back to an almost empty barracks. They rest of my posse was in BKK. After a couple of days I called the scheduler and begged for a shuttle back to TSN. Everybody but me was in Saigon seeing the CBC band then back to the roof top of the Merlin to party some more. No crews going in country fro a couple of days. He said enjoy a few extra days of crew rest. Christmas eve alone in the barracks. Christmas Day a dude that I barely knew said he was walking to the Chapel to see the USO program. A Korean girl band singing Christmas carols. The USO really could do better. Went to the service club and got a ham and cheese sandwich for Christmas dinner. Went to my room and an empty barracks.....Oh, thanks to the Dude that asked me to walk up the hill to see the show.  


Merry Christmas  

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Soc Trang 1969, Dec 23 went in early in morning to fix 006 (Balls Sick) generator problem pulled generator and inserted gear plate on gear box got finished around 1600 called for crew to come from TSN to bring us home. Aerial Port Msg. said no dice too late. Sat rt seat as eng troop and I started #2 #3 to move it back against fence. VC hit us just around midnight. Made it back to TSN next morning, Christmas Eve partied hardy, watched a C/C put a flare in the pistol and fire it off only he forgot to open the outer pressure plate above Nav. He was back at Naha faster than a speeding bullet but thats another story! 834th A/D home of Saigon Tea!

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