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  1. I arrived Naha on 30 Sept. 1968 and left in June of 1970. I was in Electric Shop 374th FMS with Tsgt Lucero as our shop chief and SSgt. Lawhon the night shift 7 level Supervisor I went TDY to TSN first time but dont have orders I went 2 more times lucky for me I have a set of orders showing I was in country when we moved to CRB from TSN after new Maintenance Bulding was built. Worked mostly Rebel Ramp left in Jun of 70 and back to states in Late July early August. I will try and copy and upload my orders cause there might be some people on them and could help. Fraulein spent many hours over in
  2. Ken going over this message I must ask was some of the information in your vast knowledge was it gathered "over the table or under the table or both"? Asking for a friend!
  3. TC , Ive seen this happen before in 63 year "E" models 637867 to be exact QEC on specified engine installed after returning from Texas solder job at cannon plug at Tach Generator not tinned and only held on by a couple strands of wire also look at cannon Plug by indicator in cockpit another area where a lot of hands get in there swapping indicators and pulling on the harness.
  4. Happy Birthday Ken! Hope you have a Great Day Today!
  5. Almost forgot Sgt Dennis Byrne who upon retirement would be Smsgt Dennis Byrne 42390!
  6. Thank you Ken and Sonny and a thank you to my Trainer at Naha okinawa circa Sep 68 to Jun 70 thanks for sharing with us 3-5 levels the things we would need to know when it became our time to go down country when you guys left! It saved my Butt many times in the Nam. Does anyone have a T-56-7engine speed switch jumper they can give up for awhile? Cant say when i will give it back!
  8. The website from above 005 or rather "BALLS 5" as we called her at Naha back in 68 to 70 before she joined the Vietnamese Air Force. Spent a lot of hours changing generators paralleling generators all kinds of electrical stuff. Im sure Sonny, Bill Goodall and Dennis Byrne and Ed Hubrich also have a lot of found memories of all the "BALLS" tail numbers we had 002-004-005-006 CRS stops me from remembering if I forgot any I do believe they were all 55 series "A" models but could have been 56, I know CRS- Great memories of Brothers from a place and a war so long ago and so far far away!
  9. Right down the road from where I live in Alburtis Pa. It is a nice ride on interstate 78. Not too far from Harrisburgh Airport where 193rd is located. The only unit of its kind in U.S. Air Force and a Air Guard unit to boot!
  10. Ken, Vinny corrected me on the C-130Es we had at the Grove. I missed 2 63 model E's 63-7823 and 63-7853 along with 62-1806 and 62-1852. Both 62;s went to Sheppard. 7853 was taken by Pope or Dyess and suffered a catastrophic left MLG fire on landing at Talil in Iraq and was stripped and sits there still today.
  11. To add to this story we at Willow Grove 913th A/W had 10 C-130Es -63-7776-7779 -7832-7833 -7834 -7848-7867-7892- and 2 (62)models 62-1804 and the other CRS has hit me but Vince A. would know Ken . Anyway after the "A" models wings folded fighting fires in California, the whole USAF started doing NDI inspections starting at wing boxes external tank pylons and enging pylons. We were lucky because all of the 63's just finished having wing boxes replaced in the 80's . the 62 models were flown to Sheppard to be used as trainers in the Tech Schools. Unfortunately for us at the Grove Dyess, Pope, a
  12. Hey Ken, maybe they removed the externals to help 1804 stay close to an "A" model from Naha in a race! Ha Ha!
  13. Hey Ken another Naha Sparkchaser here. I do remember in late 69 early 70 we Naha and the "A"s moved from TSN to CRB right after Christmas when the CCK "E"s moved from CRB to TSN. I remember spendin many a night drinking beers at the Hooch I left CRB in March for Naha then DEROS'd to states in June. Was back over in 71-72 at Ubon chasing sparks on the F-4 and B-57G.during end of Linebacker I and going into Linebacker II.
  14. I remember we had "BAT" planes at TSN, this would be spring 1970 timeframe they also had Red lettering if I remember right. The "BB" mission had just ended so we used them down country assigned to 834th Air /Det. then moved us "A"s down to be with the "B" guys from Clatk and moved the "CCK" "E" guys to the newer buildings they just finished for us at TSN. I myself enjoyed CRB and "Herky Hill" better'
  15. Also a Welcome Home to you Ken! Being a Naha guy it was always fun being with you CCK Guys!
  16. Tyrus have you done a check of the flux valve? sounds like 1 is lagging? We didnt have a rose at the Grove so everytime I changesd a flux valve, I made sure I scribed the old and new with a sharp point (ETCH) then have aircraft towed N-S-E-W and check how both sides sync. I also had Bear Kramer fly FCF and check it over the Grove. Good Luck Ty! I know you'll fix it! I know it was a pain working the C-12 when we went to Desert in 90-91 cause we had 5 WC-130s (Es) from Kessler with us at Thumb Rat!
  17. Since I was assigned to the 374th FMS "Sparkchaser" shop I got to work on All 21st, 40worst, "E" flt, 35th, 815th they just handed me the work orders! Throughout my career I started with "A"s, Then "B"s and "E"s in country, back to "E"s in the states to "WC"s converted for the Desert and then finished at Pope in 2009 with 87 and 88 model "H"s except for a year on F-4s and B57Gs at Ubon The Herc was and still is my favorite. Been in a couple flaming engine shutdowns but the Herc always got me on the ground again!
  18. Happy Birthday Ken! Always will have a warm spot in my heart for you CCK guys who came down to Naha and helped us new guys get up to speed on the "A" models! I myself got to enjoy working on "E"S whens I became an ART in 85 we had 8 (63) "E"s until the "A" model crash in 2000 fighten fires in Calf. Then active duty came and took ours.I did go to Pope and was able to hook onto Milwaukees "H"s which were built in late 88's by then I was the Branch Chief of Avionics but I know you will forgive me for that! Happy Birthday again "BROTHER BAT"!
  19. Sonny do you remember an instrument techat Naha by the name of Jim Ovary? He was at Willow Grove when I got there in 85. Then he moved on to General Electric last time I saw him was 2 years ago at our annual luncheon but sadly he passed away from A.O. related illness I gave him the Blind Bat hat I sent to you and he displayed it with his beret.
  20. I started working on "A"s in 68 Naha Okinawa 55-56-57 year serial #s ( 815th, 41st, 35th, and 21st) which had 3 bladed props which were converted to 4 blades in late 70's The "B"s are 4 bladed but no external tanks between 1-2 & 3-4 engines. Worked them in country with the boys from Clark in the P.I. In 85 I joined a reserve unit in P.A. Willow Grove 913th A/W 327th flying Squadron we had "E"s built in 63, they had external tanks between 1-2 & 3-4, the "E"s had HF antennas running from top of fuselage just above crew compartment to below top of rudder. Although some early "H"s had the
  21. Naminoue sounds better makes me think of my second home when back at Naha and not in country. Have you Ken or Sonny heard of or read Sam McGowans "Jacks Steakhouse" ? Of the books he has written finally us "maintenance pukes" getting some recognition !! I am sure 2 Crew/Chiefs as yourselves will identify with the characters involved. As a rebuttal I apologise for using the "Maintenance Pukes"
  22. I have to agree with Ken, Hope all you Herc guys a happy Thanksgiving and many more! November 1968 Chow Hall in Monsoon weather Naha Okinawa the first of what my calender was telling me 2 more to goafter this one. Little did I know the next year and a half would be spent in places like Ubon, Soc Trang, Bien How, Pleiku, Phu Cat ! Would do it all over again just to hang with all the magnificent Band Of Brothers I met along the way! Feb 68 -Mar 09!
  23. Sonny , you must be the reason all Reserve C-130's had pad locks for Crew entrance door bench when work was done locker up! some very interesting stories of places like Pope, Lil Rock, and Dyess thru the eyes of a Herc Technician 1984 to 2009 we must must !
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