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    Willow Grove ARS 1984- 2007 913th AW Avionics Comm/Nav supervisor2003-2007, 1999-2003 Pro - Super, 1990- 1999 Avionics AGCS supervisor, 1986- 1990 WG-13 AGCS Technician, 1984-1986- WG08 AGE Technician--- 1968-1970 C-130A electrician Naha AB Okinawa- 1971-1972 8th TFW Ubon RTAFB-
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  1. Mr. OD-Randy, does the name Vinny Aquaviva ring a bell? Vince and I used to talk about Naha and CCK with e flight My first duty staion was Naha Sep 0f 68 of course we always had 2 electricians always on status with Bill Goodall was my trainer along with Fred Worrell they eventually went to Ubon and Spectre upon leaving Naha as it was closing. Wasn't Peifer, Splawn, Charlie Brewer, and Waryhaalong with yourself all from Naha? The reason I mention Vince is I eventually was an ART with the 913th at WGARS Pa. from 84 - 2006 when I moved to Pope and retired Vince often would bring your names up since I was at Naha until Jun of 70 where I sent stateside to Chanute but managed to wrangle a trip to Ubon All Expenses Paid for 1 year tp Participate in Linebacker II this time after going to FTD on the F-4 C-D-E and B-57G Airframes. I worked for and with Vinny in Flight Line supervision at WGARS and that man knows the Herc inside and out. Anyway saw your Post and since its rainy season on the ROCK as the song goes " im going back to Namanui 1 more time!
  2. I Have Been Out Too Long To Remember any Quick Remedies, The Person To Contact Would Be To Contact Tiny Clark, Hopefully He Will See This.
  3. Happy St. Pats Day Sonny!
  4. To All My Charlie West Desert Buddies Past and Present Congratulations on the "NEW" J models stay safe and treat em right! Cap from the 913th Willow Grove!
  5. Well here we are what is it 2022? I remember back in the 90s being in Avionics in a C-130E unit all the talk was "AMP" very exciting! Then its off no its on again, no its off, wait we're going to do a limited run "E"s to make em "H"s. I really hope all goes well and that they AMP a S@#$ load of Hercs.
  6. Happy Birthday Ken! Hope you are Well and Safe in Idaho! My best Friend in Basic back in Feb of 68 was from Mountain Home Idaho. Its still a bucket list item for me!
  7. Where Was CRB--Cam Ranh Bay-- The Sandbox-- was a Base in South Vietnam where guys (Maintenance Technicians) from places like CCK Taiwan ( too long a name to write it out) Naha Okinawa, Clark in the PI --Phillipines, and Mactan all came together to drink a little beer and fix C-130 Hercules! Later on it would be called The Airlift Rodeo at Pope AFB N.C. Hello Nascarpop and Mt.crewchief always good to hear from fellow Naha friends!
  8. Hey Ken I know of another person who you also know who probably forgot more about the C-130A=E-H-that started out as a CC at CCK then a FE with E-flight and that person would be Vinny Aquaviva! He trained me on the instrumentation Auto Pilot and Compass Systems when I was an ART at Willow Grove in the 913th then when I was Pro Super he was my Expediter on the flight Line. When they closed the Grove in 2007 I had already gone to Pope and joined the 440th out of Milwaukee until I retired in 2009. I dont think you remember me from Naha I was a Sparkchaser there from Sep 68 to Jun 70 you were TTDY from CCK you ran engines a few times as I paralleled the DC generators. Always good to see you on the Herk website!
  9. Happy Halloween Sonny!
  10. We had at one time 10 "E" models starting with serial # 637776, we also had 2 -"E" 621809 I think was 1 of them anyway The E-4 Autopilot Amplifier was tubed and on long flights the crew would have to shut down the A/P because of tubes overheating and the axis's would spike, rolls, porpusing, etc etc. In 1991 after returning from desert mod teams came in and Satcom and GPS, along with NEW Autopilot which was all digital was installed in our Heres. We were lucky because back in the 80s all our Hercs had the wings and wing boxes replaced which extended their life. In 2005 Pope, Little Rock, and Dyess came up and took them all away as a result of the wing box inspection at these bases where non repairable cracks were found. CRS runs thru my brain at times . The inspection came about after the C-130A belonging to Coulson fighting fires in California crashed killing all 3 on board as the wings folded back after the aircraft pulled up after dispening its retardant.
  11. I arrived Naha on 30 Sept. 1968 and left in June of 1970. I was in Electric Shop 374th FMS with Tsgt Lucero as our shop chief and SSgt. Lawhon the night shift 7 level Supervisor I went TDY to TSN first time but dont have orders I went 2 more times lucky for me I have a set of orders showing I was in country when we moved to CRB from TSN after new Maintenance Bulding was built. Worked mostly Rebel Ramp left in Jun of 70 and back to states in Late July early August. I will try and copy and upload my orders cause there might be some people on them and could help. Fraulein spent many hours over in Eng. Conditioning Paralleling Generaters we probably ran into each other. Like they used to say over the radio on AFRVN "WE WENT TO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS TOGETHER"
  12. Ken going over this message I must ask was some of the information in your vast knowledge was it gathered "over the table or under the table or both"? Asking for a friend!
  13. TC , Ive seen this happen before in 63 year "E" models 637867 to be exact QEC on specified engine installed after returning from Texas solder job at cannon plug at Tach Generator not tinned and only held on by a couple strands of wire also look at cannon Plug by indicator in cockpit another area where a lot of hands get in there swapping indicators and pulling on the harness.
  14. Happy Birthday Ken! Hope you have a Great Day Today!
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