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  1. I clicked the link, and it brought me back to this page.. ????
  2. A models -- YJ - Lockbourne (35th TAS from the 347th TAW) from 66-77 Go here for complete listing: http://www.c-130.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=51257&p=348377
  3. "Why do 'tug'boats push their barges?" I think the boats pushing barges are called "Towboats", which still doesn't make much sense!!
  4. Christmas 1970 - trip to Rio !! From Panama -- Had great expectations, until we got there and found out EVERYTHING was closed for the day!! Sat in the hotel room and read a book... thus went my one trip to Rio !!!
  5. Picked up 5 pallets of vegetables at Dalat one day -- Aerial Port gave me the weights, and I slipped the load. Told Capt Latterner what the CG and weight were and we proceeded to depart ... as we approached the runway numbers on the FAR end of the runway, I began to worry... we flew off the end of the runway and descended into the valley! As the airspeed picked up and we started to climb, I sat on the bunk and rechecked the load. All seemed okay. When we landed at Tan San Nhut, I had Aerial Port weigh the pallets and bring me the weights. Turned out Dalat had weighed the pallets the day before, and they sat out in the rain all afternoon and through the night! They had told me 12,500 total and it was over 20K !! FE diddled his wiz wheel and told the AC we couldn't take off from Dalat at that weight!! Sure glad there was a valley to descend into .... after that, I always tried to double check the weights I was given!!
  6. This picture of (a very young) me was taken at Tuy Hoa sometime in 1968. Anybody remember the "City of Tuy Hoa" ??
  7. This is my favorite sign from England. Saw it on a road somewhere near Bury St. Edmunds -
  8. The VA said my hearing was down enough to give me hearing aids, but not bad enough to warrant any compensation. The audiologist at the VA told me to have another test next year for compensation. She thinks I should get some compensation, but she can't make that decision - it has to come from the pension/disability people...
  9. The cookout I posted the picture of was at Tuy Hoa ... I only did 3 CRB shuttles, the rest were at Tuy Hoa, and 2 Bangkok shuttles...
  10. I "appropriated" a few boxes of steaks and chicken from pallets a couple of times.. then we had a cookout !!!
  11. Need to do some editing, Sonny -- you have men both times at the funeral, first one should be women, right??
  12. For what it's worth, I was a Loadmaster stationed at CCK from Jan 1968 to Feb 1969 and I NEVER pulled a shuttle at TSN! I did lots at Tuy Hoa, one at CRB and a couple of Bangkok shuttles... but I don't remember anybody going to TSN, at least nobody from the 776th. But, it's been 48 years, so my memory could be faulty. I do have my personal log I kept and it shows all the TuyHoa, CRB and Bangkok shuttles, but nothing to TSN.. As I remember, the A's and B's went to TSN and the E's went to TuyHoa and CRB.. Maybe some of the other squadrons and/or maintenance troops went to TSN... Spectre623: Here are a couple of pics of the Rescue birds at TuyHoa before and after the July attack.
  13. Why is this in Sonny's Funnies???
  14. JimH


    When I flew on 7777 in 1968, I remember the crew chief had stenciled something over the crew door -- something like "feed this pig 77 lbs of #7 sorghum every 7 days.." anybody remember this?
  15. Is this an upgrade to the MAFFS system they have been using since 1975??
  16. JimH


    You forgot "Jumbo shrimp"
  17. JimH


    My AC (Capt. Latterner) got us up to 32,500 one day -- we were empty from DaNang to Tuy Hoa... It wasn't going any higher than that...
  18. RC, You must have been my replacement!!
  19. I was in the 776th - Jan '68 to Feb '69
  20. Yep, like going back in time... I remember where all the "stuff" goes. One question: on the cargo door, the space behind the ground loading ramps - was that where the truck loading ramps were stored, or the ladders for the troop doors?? Jim
  21. The C130 that crashed at Khe Sanh was a Marine KC130 (Call Sign "Basketball") and the date was Feb 10, 1968. We had just departed Khe Sanh, and he was inbound. When we got to DaNang we were told about the crash and further flights to KS were cancelled. I was on my first TDY to RVN having arrived at CCK on 28 Jan, so it kinda stuck with me..
  22. My first flight in an Air Force airplane was at Dyess in Feb 1966 when we took 63-7880 from Dyess to Stewart(?) to be camouflaged. We picked up another (already camo) airplane and took it back to Dyess. I remember two things about the flight: 1) I got sick on the first one and tossed my cookies all over the flight deck ladder and radio rack (I was sitting on the bottom bunk) - got to stay late and help the crew chief clean up! and 2) on the return flight I looked at the Chart C and discovered the camouflage paint weighed ~1800 lbs... When I got to CCK in Jan '68, all of the airplanes were camouflaged...
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