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I read something (I think it was Air Force Magazine website or the AFA website) that mentioned that the omnibus budget includes 6 J-models destined for the Air National Guard. 

If this is true, where are they going? I heard Louisville was campaigning for them. 

I think the number six comes from the theory that six stretches carry the same load as eight shorties. It's a bad theory, but I'm not here to argue that.

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Just watch the news. Where they go will depend upon which state/Gov. needs to be stroked, or that the Fed Gov needs that state/Gov. to do something, or turn a blind eye to. It's all about the politics baby! Although, I might be wrong and it could just be about payback and/or the Lobbyists.

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OK. Three articles in and nobody seems to have the correct number.


From the DOD, the number is nine. But that seems to include all variants.

I know what hehe is referring to about Baltimore, however, I doubt it. I know the A-10 program has a love/hate relationship with USAF, even to this day, but I'm doubtful that's where the Js are going.

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I dont know what article you are initially referring to but the air national guard is about to get alot of Js, Active duty only has 3 bases with legacy left and they are all special mission aircraft that are already funded to be replaced.

Moffett ANG, Patrick ANG, and New York ANG are next in line for HC-130J since alaska has received theirs. 

I can really dig and tell you exactly who is next in line, if you want. 

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