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  1. No real info here but I was at Melang in 94 with the 1st SOS. One of their Herks was on jacks in the hangar we were working out of. It had been stripped like a Caddy in the hood(Can bird). It hadn't flown in 10 years. They had a Herk there with refueling pods. I came taxiing by us one day with fuel pouring out of the right pod. Wasn't sure it was fuel untill we smelled it. Sorry Bob, no tails for you. I don't even remember if they were B's or E's.
  2. I remember a story about a TalonII veering off and getting stuck, but if I remember right it wasn't so much stuck in the sand, it's brakes were locked up from overheating. I also didn't know anybody carried crew chiefs on those types of missions, and I also wonder how the CC got on the radio.
  3. Jeffy, I remember you telling me about signyousoildal(sp) sweeps at confrence room D(lots of good times there). Trenslates to \"Lets see if we can make this thing fall off\".
  4. I think Jeffysan flight tested that thing back in 91.
  5. agarrett wrote: The paragraph about low voltage was in a safety sup that swowed up in \'88. Tha warning was added when this message was released.
  6. damnpoor wrote: I will have to look it up but I think this statement was in a safety sup along with the earlier version of the rollback procedure. \"Go Mechanical Now Stupid and dont forget the bleeds\" Which was Generator, MechGov, Null. Sync.
  7. wysongj wrote: Hmmmm...We cover this here in class and in the sim. Had a Talon crew from Duke here last week. Gave them this same malfunction right after take off. They ran the new procedure and climbed out of it. Anybody from other sim sites want to comment? Oh yeah, reporters need to let someone(in this case a Herk Pilot/FE)proofread their stuff before printing.
  8. Dan Wilson wrote: You would have loved flying on the old whistling shithouse Dan. The hydro fluid was always playing “musical reservoirsâ€. Standard practice was after everything was cranked up and running the IO would mark the reservoirs (Utility and Aux) and check them often.
  9. AC-Hs are 69 Es stolen from Little Rock when they were new. They were AC-130Es for awhile but when -15s were hung on them the series was changed to H. Both airplanes have been through several mods/upgrades over the years. The Talon needs to be changed to MC-130Z to get the E stink off them.
  10. How was the airplane configured when it happened? Engines in low-speed, ATM or APU? Do you have a Lockheed service rep? If you do ask him about EMF or Ripple voltage.
  11. US Herk wrote: Or vice versa
  12. TalonOneTF wrote: It also had the 94pnd flt deck AC, bleed air regulators, divider valve, APU with generator, ATM generator, -15s, and 90kva generators. When I heard it was going to Sheppard I tried to get the folks here at Hurbie to keep it or trade 7898 for it. Nope. 99 was when I flew a few sorties on it out of Eglin. Was 4 for 4 on time. I thought it was a good plane in spite of it sitting at Waco for many months before I flew on it. TalonOneTF, do you know if it had a SOF center wing box?
  13. What I was told from an old B model eng was the original \"brush type\" generators did not put out clean enough power for the instruments on those buses so the inverters were installed to provide the stable power needed. They ran the inverters all the time. The AC Inst bus was set up to switch from the \"Normal\", or inverter, position to \"Standby\", AC. Along comes \"brushless generators that made clean enough power to fly with the switches in the standby position thus saving inverters and, as Dan said, money. Again, this is what I was told, I haven\'t seen any documentation as to why or when the change was actually made. My neighbors\' father in law is a retired B model eng. I\'ll ask him next time I see him. Maybe he can corroborate the story.
  14. Pressurization? Crew door? Who needs em?
  15. What I meant was... what prevented you from hooking up a fuel hose to the SPR and pumping fuel out/in?
  16. Cool, thats what the P model schematics I looked at show, and the MC-P HC-N dash 1s state. All others indicate, as well as our field tests here that the offload valve will open. Shadoif, any idea why some HCs would have to be modded for FARRP?
  17. Again, the curiosity was raised when we did a FARRP with a NON UARSSI HC-130. Visual inspection tonight revealed that the offload valve was in the center dry bay. On this airplane, the offload valve had to be opened with the offload valve switch when the master switch was placed in the drain position. Dave, we covered this before. You say that UARSSI changed the function of the offload valve switch. I’m saying it didn’t. If the refueling job guide tells you to place the offload switch to open on all UARSSI airplanes, not just P models, then I challenge the job guides accuracy. You, being in QA, are in a position to research this, verify it, and recommend/submit changes. We verified that the offload valve opened when the SPR switch was placed to drain on AC-H/Us, MC-E/H/Ws and the ex Harrisburg ECs that we have here at Hurbie. Check your T-IIs at the “Hole†and see what you find. The other question still stands. Does anybody know why the ex-rescue airplanes, or any others, were wired that way?
  18. Not just why you can but why you have to.
  19. Hey, Dan dumped all his Shadow brain cells when he became a WombatB) We got curious about this because of a non UARSSI airplane doing a FARRP. Art M. called me with the location. Its in the line way up above the SPR panel. Moving it would make sense if that is where the fuselage tank manifold ties in to the refuel/defuel/dump manifold because the offload valve needs to be aft of that. Now, why its wired the way it is is still a mystery. According to an HC-H dash one it was wired that way before UARSSI. Someone correct me if I\'m wrong but every other Herk I\'ve checked, if you put the offload switch to open during drain it takes power away from the offload valve relay and the ofload valve will close.
  20. Where is the offload valve on a P model. Is it not in the center dry bay like the others? Also, any idea why the offload valve is wired different than any other Herk. PS; Dan Moen wants to know.
  21. Jeffysan wrote: Things are going good Mr. Olderthanme. That orange flight suit made it easier to find you at Jonnies.
  22. Jeffysan wrote: I remember some dude climbing off of 565 here at Hurbie wearing an orange flight suit back in 90? Can you help my memory?
  23. Dan Wilson wrote: Dan, does “the fuel control starts to reduce the fuel to the engine at approximately 103.5 percent rpm†sound familiar? So the 103.5 was never a hard number, at least as far back as I can remember.
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