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  1. This issue has come up in our squadron once again. This time the FE serviced it in flight, told hydro that it may be over serviced after they landed. When day shift came in, they had a mess to clean up. It\'s gotten to the point we got MX Officers meeting with Operations Officers. I actually heard the MX Officer say that the pressure in the reservoir could have caused it to rupture damaging the airplane or personnel. Now, I have been flying for a long time and I have never heard this one. Any comments??:laugh:
  2. I remember flying without the flap baffles at KLRF a long time ago. Wasn\'t a big deal then either.
  3. There once was a time when being an E-5 was being at the bottom of the food chain. And just think, I started flying a an E-4.
  4. I\'ll have to disagree with Nathan. Flying Pilot Pro is better than anything you can get involved with in the squadron. Yeah, there\'s alot to it, but you have the best seat in the house and it\'s guaranteed...That plane ain\'t leaving without you.
  5. RPM Flux


    Money... That\'s a fact, therefore we have no DFDR on our variant of C-130.
  6. RPM Flux


    What, we have a DFDR??? I was thinking Left Video Display Terminal. What do I know?
  7. Well whisky man Dan. I wouldn\'t be waisting my time posting if I was kidding!! The FE said more than likely it may either be the one way check valve located near the life raft tubs or the resevoir vent filter has become saturated with hydraulic fluid. He didn\'t seem too concerned since no hydraulic fluid was being lost. I don\'t quite understand and I can\'t find anything in our books that talks about this, so I\'m asking an expert apinion from you older guys. Thanks.
  8. Got a utility hydraulic system that shows normal level until the engines are running. The level comes down quite a bit, several inches. However, when the engines are shutdown and system is un pressurized, the fluid level comes back to the same as before. Where is the hydraulic fluid going? What is causing this drastic drop in hyd fluid level?
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