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  1. Hi all, It sounds like this could be a bigger problem than we thought if someone decides to cause trouble. I am going to ask Casey to shut down the part of the Gallery that I sent him. I can\'t afford a legal hassle. Ssorry Bob
  2. OK I think we have beat this horse to death. Nick had a good point and we can learn from it. We will put a discaimer on the page saying that the pictures belong to their photographer. Thank him for their use. Let him know that he can add his name to the comments section for credit if he wants. Any pictures that come in that have the photographers name on it, we will post them with the name on. Bob BTW As far as I know, no one has made a cent off these pictures, especially not Casey and me.
  3. Muff I got the post card. Thanks a lot, Bob
  4. I know nothing about photography law but what I am trying to figure out is if someone sends a picture that is not identified as to who took it, it can\'t be posted? How can you find out if it is copyrighted or not and is their a listing somewhere of what is copyrighted and what is not? Do we have to shut down the Photo Galleries if the pictures are not identified? Is a dislaimer that we did not take the picture and having a comments section for each picture where someone who wants credit can claim it enough? I know Casey and I want no hassles or trouble over pictures. I am way too old for that stuff. It would only take a second to delete all the pictures but it would be sad. Bob
  5. Hi All, I can see his point. I don\'t want to take credit for any of the pictures on the site. I did put a disclaimer in the Gallery Section that says I did not take any of the pictures, truth be told I did take one of them, but these pictures have mostly been sent to me by others. Matter of fact I received 3 DVD\'s with over 80,000 pictures a few months ago. I have worked on those DVD\'s trying to pick out pictures for the gallery section almost every day since I got them. There is really no way I can tell who took the pictures unless it is attached to the pictures as some pictures in the Gallery are. Anyone who took a picture and would like to have credit for it can add a comment to the pictures. Sorry if someone is offended but I don\'t really see another way pictures can be posted. Thanks Bob Seriously if anyone wants credit for a picture please add a comment.
  6. 14 went to Yokota and 4 to Dyess. bob
  7. Has anyone been to Greybull lately? Do they still have the 6 A models there? Thanks Bob
  8. There is a good 4 Horseman video, I hope someone has a copy. Bob
  9. I heard the other two 539 and 830 were going to be scrapped, probably already have? Here is 539 on the dump. Bob [img size=574]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/3147C.jpg
  10. Here is part of the answer 7820, 524 and 949 are Loadmaster trainers. Bob [img size=800]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/LRF_LM_TNRS.jpg
  11. The aircraft was 90-1794 Mansfield OH ANG. It was painted to resemble P51D\'s of 363 FS with D-Day invasion stripes. It commerates the 60th Anniversary of the 179AW Mansfield OH ANG which was the parent unit, years ago, of the 363 FS. 179AW has been BRAC\'d and will lose its Herks and is hoping to get C-27\'s. Bob
  12. Lunch Bunch had 62-1819,1822,1828 Bob
  13. 3 [img size=800]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/3906_c.jpg
  14. 2 [img size=800]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/3906_b.jpg
  15. bobdaley


    I got some pictures of 63-7836 when it was at AMARC before it went to the shredder. It seems that it was set up at one time with on board cameras. It was not a Jackpot, MEAFSA, or Berlin for lunch bunch Herk. It seems to have had a normal trash haul career, so the camera set up seems odd. Anyone have any ideas? I\'ll try to attach the pictures. Bob 7836 was deilivered in 64 and was in Navy MATS until 67. It went to Pope in 67 and Little Rock in 75 and AMARC in 94. [img size=800]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/3906_a.jpg
  16. There were no C130 squadrons at McConnell. There were two at Forbes AFB near Topeka KS. 47 was one, the other one was the 38th and I think it became the 48th when 38 came to Langley. Bob
  17. Thanks that explains it. Bob
  18. Thanks, appreciate it Bob
  19. I remember a load redirecting the destination of two cases of Carling Black Label from a pallet that must have sat on the ramp for a month at Danang. It was the worst stuff I ever tasted, and the only time I ever saw a 130 crew not finish \"free\" beer. I rember seeing it on the shelf of a liquor store later back in the States and could not believe anyone would buy it. Bob
  20. Hi I got an e mail today that said \"I think 62-1793, 63-7764 and 63-7829 are Ground trainers at Little Rock\". I showed 62-1793 flying with the 61AS and 63-7829 flying with the 53 AS going to 62 AS? I know 63-7764 was dropped from the inventory years ago but I did not know it was a ground trainer? Can anyone verify that these three are now ground trainers? Any idea why 62-1816 and 72-1296 which are permanently grounded did not go to AMARC? Politicians? Thanks Bob
  21. Lockgreed was still building B-47\'s at Marietta when the first A models came off the line. Bob
  22. John I still have a home in West Roxbury, in the city. I checked Lars Olausson\'s Herk list vs. what we have in the gallery. I came up with about 36 C130E\'s at Forbes. The ones we have in the Gallery are 3993 all, 3996B, 3997E, 4000C, 4022G, 4029G, 4033B, 4044E, 4063B, 4079A, 4085B. That should give you a pretty good idea of what the Forbes Herks looked like. Bob
  23. Hi I got a request for info on an accident in SEA. Son of a casualty. 61-2649 took off from Hue Phu Bai going to Danang. It crashed 15 miles East South East of Hue. I ran a line on a google earth map and it showed a hill in that area right on the coast but the top of it was only 1500 feet. Lars said it hit a hill. 1500 feet 15 miles from the airport? in daylight!! trying to stay under the clouds?? I\'ve seen things done like that but??? AF says it was an accident and not combat related, but not much more. Anyone remember it? What happened? Crew was Maj Anderson, LC Braybrooke, Capt Burkett, A1c Rehm and A2C Ruyff. Aircraft belonged to 773 TAS Mactan Thanks Bob
  24. John I grew up in Boston, still have a house there. Bob
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