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  1. 13 hours ago, hehe said:

    It seems to me that the paratroop door is the limiting factor hence why they would eliminate them from the L-100 (plus the obvious lack of need on a civilian bird for paratroopers)


    Actually, some commercial Hercs have paratroop doors.  I was an FE on a brand new one in 1991 in Angola.  They're called "aft entry doors."

    Don R.

    5225b -- PJ-TAC -- Frameair.jpg

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  2. I was back with Transafrik, but the shrapnel may have been from when the Angolan AF requisitioned that airplane and crews for their civil war -- registered as T-312.  It was on the ramp at Catumbela AB when a soldier accidentally detonated a grenade in the cargo compartment.  It was ferried back to Luanda where it sat for a very long time and then ferried to Sogerma for repairs in Bordeaux where it sat again for a very long time.  I think when you guys got it, it only had about 6,000 hours on it.  

    The Lockheed tech rep that came with the airplane said it was originally ordered by the Yugoslavian military, but the order was canceled. 

    (Say hi to Chris Lockhart when you see him.  We were at Transafrik together for a few years.)

    Don R.

  3. 18 hours ago, A Squared said:

    That's more or less correct Don,  but I think that it should be clarified that Lynden did not acquire Safair,

    Thanks for the clarification, AA.  I was under the assumption that Lynden bought them out.  

    Can I assume you're a pilot for Lynden?  Have you flown P4-LAE?  I was an FE on it back in 1999 when we showed up in Luanda with it in Angola Air Charter colors.  It had only 60 hours on the airframe!  It was registered in Curacao with Frameair as PJ-TAC.  It was a real sweetheart of an airplane.

    Don R.  


    5225 -- PJ-TAC -- Frameair.jpg

  4. According to Lars' book, it was originally assigned to the West Virginia ANG.  I never heard of it being haunted, but I've been out of the loop for quite a while, having retired in 1985.

    Don R.

  5. I just finished reading The Peacemakers by Richard Herman.  Besides the outrageous story line (it is a novel), it was nice to read about the C-130 by someone who has a working knowledge of the airplane.  I did find a few mistakes, but I'm a flight engineer.  The author must have been a navigator because he never calls a map a map.  It's always a chart.

    Don R.

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  6. 19 hours ago, larry myers said:

    The biergarten I remember most was a place on the road to Zeppeinhiem at the railroad crossing.  If memory serves, we called it Freddy's as an older man whose name was Freddy was always there working. 

    Larry, you're thinking of Johnny's, just past the railroad tracks on the right.  I just about lived at that place during my first assignment there (1967 -- 1970).  He was Austrian and had a girlfriend named Liz, I think.  About a quarter mile past that was a restaurant that served the best jager schnitzel.

    You were on the A-models there, right?  It's a long shot, but did you ever know an FE in your unit named William (Bill) Cord?  On my second assignment there (1977 -- 1983), he was our first sergeant in the 37th TAS.

    Don R.

  7. 12 hours ago, jsummers said:

    anyone stationed at RM remember the name of a good german restaurant pretty near base; I have it recorded as Middledicks but i really doubt that's the right name.

    we're headed back to Germany & I'd like to retrace some good memories. Thnx

    Hi Jim,

    Mitteldick's sounds very familiar, but like you said. I doubt if that's the name.   I think it was in Zepplinheim.

    Have you checked out the air base on Google Earth?  The only familiar sights are the hotel and the star-shaped buildings where the mail room used to be.  Even the building where the American Legion used to be in Waldorf is an empty field now!

    Have fun and get some pictures.

    Don R.

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