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  1. Sad for any herc to be in that condition. Remember the ol girl when Pope gave her to us back in the late 80's. She was all jacked up then, but a young crewchief took her on and gt her in good shape. Then one day the gave her away, and the next time I saw her was in picture getting ready to be scrapped at Sheppard.

    Engine Mike

  2. The C-5M might be good to go until 2040, but look how long it takes to get a plane from drawing board to flight these days. With nothing in the pipeline it don't take long for 2040 to get here and the need for the next gen heavy lifter to be here. Look at the KC-X program as an example, we have relied on the KC-135 for so long we have worn out and still fighting over the next gen tanker.

    As the army intentionally keeps out growing the Herc's capabilities, the herc will be in trouble for meeting tactical airlift needs. Need someone manning the drafting board at Lockheed or they will be in trouble in the not so distant future.

    Engine Mike

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