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  1. Actually I'm just surprised there's not a FEMA trailer home sitting there. That was the natural landscape after Camille in 69.

    There was a website sometime back that had pictures of the horrible delapidated state the former Chanute AFB, IL fell into under Local community development (NOT).

  2. And how MANY rips, tears, torn pockets, etc. in fatigue pants and jackets. Most of my bites, tears, rips, and gouges came in the hell hole. Banged up ribs from hours scrunched, laying over equipment racks rewiring entire mount connectors. Burns from losing a grip on the soldering iron you were holding. Gouges and tears from the ends of twisted safety wire pigtails. Bruised knees can be thrown in too.

  3. Off topic---sorry, but

    You're in Yemen?

    The nasty Bast..ds are all over Yemen and things are heating up. Better keep your head down so you keep from losing it. Hillary just closed the darn embassy there.

    Good Luck

  4. Just a word of caution. If you're troubleshooting wiring don't use the the Fault Isolation diagrams solely. Be sure you're using the 2-11 wiring diagrams. The FIs do not show every and all wiring contact, connector, J-Box terminal, or device on a system run. Had an INS heading anomaly being worked on for several days. Found out everyone was using the 2-8 FI flow diagrams. They totally overlooked an untorqued nut (resulting in a loose wire) on a terminal board, in a JBox. The FI didn't show the TB or JBox. Found it for them immediately in the WDs.

  5. The dummy load switching mentioned prior is a good call to check. Also, were the Antennas removed at the depot or anytime immediately prior to the malfunction occurring? I seem to recall a similar transmission problem on a C-5. The C-5 HF Antennas are both part of the leading edge of the lower part of the vertical stabilizer. In this case the problem was found to be a prior mis-installation when metalic, conductive mounting screws were used, causing the antenna to be grounded to the aircraft skin. Check to see if your HF antenna mount screws aren't supposed to be nonconductive.

  6. The way I see it. at least in Lockheed's case, the company Lockheed Martin has evolved into such a hugh diversified conglomerate that actual aircraft manufacturing became no more than a small piece of many competing pieces. Developing, designing, innovating, and building aircraft, once the primary purpose, the "be all-end all" of the company, now is just one of the departments so to speak. And as such, the "design and build or not" decisions are purely financial and what is best for the stockholders.

  7. My welcome to you too.

    There is an old, old Lockheed Service letter in pdf, under Herkapedia, that talks to C-130 Thermocouples from toenail to backteeth. Might be quicker to find by putting thermocouple in the search box up top.

    Although dated, you may find it interesting in a historical sort of way.

    Jerry Rice

  8. I was with the 316th AMS 72-74 and had two ROTEs to Mildenhall. By that time the story was, for all practical purposes, part of the Langley PCS inbriefing and every rotation outbrief. Plus we heard it over and over again from the Mildenhall regulars when we got over there. It's a story that certainly had "legs".

    So who thinks that when he finally realized how much trouble he was in that he just took the bird in, to end it all, rather than face the consequences?

  9. October 68 Basic Trainng $102.00 a month. Another vivid memory was at CCK, E-3 A1C 3-level. Wasn't making too much more than the $102, Go no check the first pay period after getting married. Stormed into Finance to find out they hold a monthly $150 housing allowance out of my bi-weekly pay. This was to eventually be sent to the new bride on the 15th but left me with zero. They had to get the "shirt" to authorize a $10.00 health and welfare payout (basically a loan) so I could buy soap, shave cream, razor blades, and boot polish. Couldn't have me showing up to work unshaven or needing a boot shine. Showing up hungry was OK though.

  10. CCKAB Chow Hall with three cute "shou-cheas" ready to sweep up the trays.

    Is it my imagination or do "all" the dudes have those big black-framed Air Force issues glasses on?

  11. Is there anyone who might have served with the 50th Red Devils around 1968 and would have known a Tom Lee?

    If so, would you also know whether he's still with us and possibly how to contact him?

  12. I was 13 and in Junior High. We had just finished gym and had showered but we weren't permitted to leave the locker room to get to our next class. After about 15 minutes of being left in the "dark" and everyone late, they made the announcement over the school Public Address system. Not a lot of conversation. Everyone in a stunned fog. Left the school for football practice around 2:30 so not sure whether they released general classes early. Glued to Walter Cronkite throughout the evening.

  13. Negative cost of living? No one told Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They're raising my premiums by $ 40 plus dollars a month. Doing the math that's about $900 a year and the O man is asking the House of Idiots for an emergency $250 check for each retiree. Still having to suck up 650 by my calculator.

    We need change! Boy that sounds familiar.

  14. Inertial Nav, GPS, and high speed mission/flight management computers are taking down the Navs.

    Higher tech systems with engine FADACs and built in fault/performance analysis capabilities with BITs and BITEs; on board maintenance analyzers, tech data repositories, avionics LRUs with self test and fault displays are slowly taking down FEs.

    And for pilots ??? Global Hawk/Predator technology looms in your futures.

  15. Not to be a "wise ass", but strictly to keep the record straight. Bridget Fonda is Jane Fonda's niece. Peter Fonda (Jane Fonda's brother) is Bridget's father. Henry Fonda is her grandfather.

    Also, my knowing these useless facts isn't because I have any Fonda fondness lol. They are all an over-privileged plight on this country. I think they would make better French citizens. You know, living next door to Barabra Streisand and the rapist Polanski.

    God save this great nation --- "the shining city on the hill" - America

  16. CCK - I remember seeing his show on the ball fields (stage setup looked like the picture above). That would have been the summer of 70 or 71.

    The Airman's Club always had great USO shows too (Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey band, Glenn Miller Band, and some great Manila Bands that could mimic American bands perfectly).

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