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  1. Thanks Mark, I really like the "Medley"  idea, and I'm sure it will be accepted!! Just before I sat down here I was thinking of contacting the PR Dept. at Truax (Madison) to see if they had someone to speak. As I'm typing this I'm thinking back to this past summer when I spoke to the ROTC on the UW campus in Madison; they might have a speaker too. Again, thanks!

    Any one else with an idea or two feel free to chime in.........

  2. O.K. guys, I need your help, or rather your advice, or suggestions, or any assistance you may provide. Each year the Social Studies teacher at the local High School sponsors a Veterans Day observance at the H.S. Very well done, very respectful, but the last couple years it seems as though it has turned into more of a Memorial Day observance, complete with bag pipes, Danny Boy, that sort of thing. I have been asked to be involved in the plans for this years observance. I know what I'd like changed, but not what to replace it with. For instance; the music. The H.S. School choir always sings as well as the band (or part of) plays, that's where Danny Boy comes in. Any suggestions as to what the choir and/or band should contribute? One of the things the VFW has done in past is to fold and present the Flag. Always to a local (civilian) figure. I think that little tribute should be given to a veteran. What do ya think? What about the speaker? last year they had the local CVSO speak. She wasn't too bad. A couple years ago they had a local lawyer/judge (Vietnam era veteran) speak, also pretty good. Each year they have a roll call of local vets that have "passed", complete with the ding of a bell as each name is called. Once again it seems a bit Memorial Day-ish. But maybe not, what's your thoughts? As I said, I'm looking for ideas.......

    tinwhistle  aka  Chris

  3. Hi sonny

        I visited with Ken for a short time last week Wednesday evening. Other than looking at both knee replacements he is good. He did mention that like myself, he seems to have trouble taking the time to get onto the forum.

    Seems the older we get the busier we get.......

    tinwhistle  aka  Chris

  4. Haven't been around much at all the past few months. Lots of reasons why, no one reason, but pile them all up and I just haven't made it here. Anyway, last week Wednesday just outside of Butte, Montana I saw something amazing. Two C-130 fuselages each wrapped in blue shrink wrap, each strapped to a BNSF RR flat car headed west. As we were headed east to Columbus and a visit with Ken I did not turn around and follow. Anyone out there (Bob?) have any idea of what was going on? By the way, I did not see any wings, stabilizers, landing gear, etc.

    tinwhistle aka Chris 

  5. Several months ago I put together a couple DVDs from pictures submitted to me from Vietnam Vets in the area. These two I found interesting, however the folks who gave them to me had no idea of where or when they were taken-just somewhere in South Vietnam. Do they shake loose any cobwebs, anyone know anything about the location, etc??




  6. As I mentioned awhile back, I have not been very active lately (a ton of reasons why), so the new site came as a surprise. As with the rest of us "old guys" I was a bit intimidated, however, I believe I'll get used to it, especially as I use it more. Knowing the problems I have contending with all this "tech" stuff I can't imagine the amount of work that you (Casey) have put into this site! Thanks, hardly seems sufficient, but: Thanks!!!!

    tinwhistle  aka  Chris

    P.S.  What is the significance of the little green number under the picture?

  7. Good morning guy's

    Haven't been around much lately, 'cause of cardiac problems, but The VA generously implanted a pacemaker a couple weeks ago and I'm feeling a bit better now, so I hope to be on board more often. While I was down and out I did look in now and then even if I didn't actually sign in; anyway, I have a question. Wife and I will be traveling past Warner Robbins next week. We have visited the museum there before, so I'm not inclined to do that again, but I'm wondering if there are any Herks "on base". We both have our brown DOD card and have access to the base and we'll stop at the BX for sure, but is there anyone out there in Hercules.net land that knows if there are any 130's on the base? Thanks.......:)

    tinwhistle aka Chris

  8. Thanks so much guy's, I appreciate it!!!! Well, Lee, as much as I shudder at the thought of being 70 years old, you're correct, a few more B'days will be appreciated!!!!

    Then there's my buddy Ken: and the picture he posted. For everyone's information; Ken gave me a good ass chewing for walking out on that rock like I did!!!!!! Ya just can't please some people!!!!!!

    In case anyone is curious, I was out on that rock getting a close up picture of Soda Butte Creek. Attached is the two images I captured while Ken was having a fit!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OK guys,

    Here we go again!!!! I have the DVD's that ya'll lookin' for. The clip that has the dirt strip landing (the one where the airplane disappears for a bit) is indeed "The Way It Is" with an opening monolog by John Wayne. This thing has been duped a gazillion times, but is still viewable. Seems to me I have another DVD dedicated to the Herk. I'll look for it. If you want one or both, PM me with pertinent information and I'll burn a copy for ya !!

    tinwhistle aka Chris

  10. By all means, file ASAP! Send along copy's of all official documents you have pertaining to "boots" and copy's of all medical documents that support your claim. Include a paragraph stating that you have filed a request for a DD215 and you will forward that as soon as you receive it.

    It's hard to say how long it will take to process your claim and if they approve it they have to pay you back to the date you made your first claim, so it's important you get that claim filed. Good luck.....

  11. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/vietnam/airfields.htm

    Lists most of the operational airfields and gives coordinates. Some of the jungle cuts were temporary for operations support. Come in over the trees, flaps to 50 , cut power and full reverse on impact. Shake your teeth loose.

    You just described my very first assault landing in country. I'll never forget it. I had the extra head set on and remember the AC saying something about mortars as well as small arms fire, but your all familiar with all that. After 48 years what I still remember is the terrific cloud of red dirt, the roots still sticking out of the freshly bulldozed runway, and the deafening noise. Could have happened yesterday!!

  12. Just thought I'd throw in my 2cents worth. Every State is different as is every reviewer. Long time ago when I first started the claim process I asked the advocate at the VA Hospital in Madison WI. how I went about signing up for the AO register. I was asked if I had documented proof of Vietnam service. I did. I was told that as long as I had such documentation I did not need to sign up. I did not. I put in a total of close to two years from first claim to final adjudication. In my case here in Wisconsin, as long as I had that DD215 that documented Vietnam service and official VA medical Doctor case files stating "more probable than not service connected" it was just a matter of waiting my turn. In one conversation with a VA case reviewer he told me that I could send in all the paperwork I wanted, testimonies, pictures, anything I could dig up and all it would do is slow up my claim process. It is the medical evidence,(documented, paper evidence) of medical probability that they want.

    Just thought I'd throw that in....


  13. Greetings all

    I have been out of commission for quite some time, and still not well (heart), but I need to take a minute to wish all of you a very Blessed Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.


  14. Super good question!!

    I seem to remember sleeping in and/or under the plane. Never slept on top. This would be in places like P.I. (Clark or MacTan), or Okinawa. In country it seemed a bit dangerous to sleep any where near a "mortar magnet", however, if I was tired enough I would doze off in the left seat while waiting for parts etc. As jconner says, wheels up, eyes shut. Don't remember having any trouble sleeping while in flight. Got the AC really mad at me shortly after take off from MacTan, I fell asleep on the bunk almost immediately and the plane flew into a flock of sea gulls, aborted the flight, I woke up and asked why we were turning back, and the AC, told me that if I had been doing my job I'd know what happened!!!!! I didn't do that any more.......

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