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  1. We here in the frozen tundra will be very busy over the next few days, so I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Blessed and safe Christmas. All of you mean a lot to me and some are very special to me and this is a good time to send "Best Wishes" to all my fellow Herky brothers.

    Be safe

    tinwhistle (Chris)

  2. Don't know how I missed this post way last October, SEFEGeorge. How did the surgery go? I wouldn't have been able to advise you on the transportation questions you had, but a few years ago I had the very same diagnosis as you, and had the same surgery. I've had pulmonary problems for years, and although I no longer cough up blood I still have to deal with classification on the lungs. I'm hacking and coughing all the time. The surgery was pretty "heavy duty", and I hated that chest tube!! I do have some pretty nice scars, though!!!

    You are still very active on the form here, so I assume all want well?!?!

  3. Whoa!!! what a beauty! Thanks for the picture and I hope you are able to post more in the future!

    Now, since you haven't put any things in your profile, I will have to ask some questions. Where are you that you can take this picture or did you find it on the web? If you are currently in the AF are you coming to Montana?

    If not, come to Montana, "Gods Country", to see it when it has a new home!!

    Thanks for the picture,


    Hey Ken

    When you get all the details on this new MT bird, let me know and we'll take a drive and check it out!!!!!!

  4. You have to remember that the presidency is an institution not a person. Like it or not he is the C-in-C and he can be anyone from Washington to Custer to Patton to Kennedy in mindset on being the C-in-C.

    I agree SEFEGeorge about the "institution" as opposed to a person, however, take a look at the four individuals you sited. All military men, men of conviction, men dedicated to their Country. I don't know about you, but I cannot say that about the man in the office (institution) at present. I take no satisfaction in saying that: it is a sad matter of fact that the United States of America has taken (again, in my opinion) a broad side hit over the past five years, in the court of world respect.

  5. I think many people will have an issue because of the current president, an example being the Sheriff in SC who is making the news for not wanting to comply. President Bush ordered the Nation's Flags flown at half staff in 2005 when Pope John Paul II passed away, how many people had a issue with his decision back then?

    I do not recall the Bush/Pope situation, however, loadsmith you just made my point. Bush vs Obama. President Bush loved this Country. Bush held the United States military in the highest regard; in fact served. But my issue is the lowering the Flag for a foreigner. As I said, I do not recall the Bush/Pope incident, but I would have been (and am) just as insulted then as now. There is no reason why our National Flag should be lowered for any foreign entity!

    The Eagle soars above The United States of America!! Not South Africa, nor the Vatican.........

  6. Today I was assaulted and insulted. Our President and Commander in Chief has ordered the Flag of the United States of America to be flown at half mast in honor of a foreign entity, Nelson Mandella. I have no beef with Mandella, it's my understanding that he was a fine leader. He was, however, not a citizen of the United States of America. Never was. We have young men and women serving under the Stars and Stripes in far away lands, being horribly wounded and killed every day, and this administration all but ignores them. Combat Veterans from wars long ago wait years for the recognition they deserve. Does Washington care? Yet some stranger to most Americans, a foreigner, is given the great honor of having the Flag of the United States flown at half mast.

    I am personally insulted....

  7. Spectre623

    Am I glad you found and posted this pic of the old Nose Gear Pin! I was pretty sure that the one that started this thread was not the pin I pulled. Memory being what it is, though, I couldn't be sure. Thanks for the pic!!!!!!

  8. Just a quick note: your CVSO (County Veterans Service Officer) is an employee of the county you reside in. He or she is not an employee of the federal or state government. However, as is the case with many CVSO's they are second career people and they may not be the most ambitious. That's a darn shame 'cause they work for you at the local level. The best CVSO I had here in Columbia Co. retired (she was really good) and the guy that took her place is not nearly as savvy. Hope it's just a matter of time before he settles in.

    Anyway, the debate is, should you go through your CVSO or handle all the paper work yourself? I don't know the answer. I do know that you are your best advocate!!!!!!

  9. Some of you guy's, maybe a lot of you know that I'm a bit of a philosopher (the red neck kind), dabble in a bit of politics, and like all of you I love this country, and the "Flag" brings tears of pride.

    Can you imagine what this country would be like today had JFK fulfilled his eight years as President?!?!?

    Not only would the "Office of President of the United States" been spared the obscene decline in stature, but our country would be whole, respected and admired.



  10. I was in Tech School class at Amarillo AFB, B-47 Maint. The base immediately went on alert, all of us students were sent to our barracks, and if I recall correctly we were confined to the barracks. A dark day....

  11. It's probably just me, but with this typhoon in the P.I.s I feel like I should be preparing #877 for a big time relief mission. Kinda restless, watching those Herks and crews do their thing. I used to be useful !!!!!!!!

  12. After some head scratching I'm digging up a few more memories. Mid 1966, we took two "Es" from CCK to Danang. Loaded one capsule at CCK and loaded the other at Danang. Norm Plantz was assigned to the other bird. I simply do not remember tail numbers. Both aircraft sported silver and the TAC (tail) emblem was still on one of them. As far as the crew chiefs were concerned we were billeted in a Marine 6 man tent. Lousy shower and facilities. Easy duty though....Only occasional morters, and the 30 days went by fairly quickly and uneventful.

  13. Hey Gary

    Good for you!!! I'm sure you have checked out your new area (probably multiple times!) and are looking forward to the distinctly different land features! I love that part of the Country!

    Drive carefully and keep us advised of progress...

    TW Chris

  14. Their women ever get ahold of these last couple posts those guy's will be in more trouble than the night you kept me out 'till all hours and she was waiting at the door for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I've been working at cleaning out old files, etc. in the ol' computer and ran across an old email asking if I had copy's of those old DVD's that were floating around a few years ago. I couldn't make out who sent me the request and I don't remember if I ever answered. Yes, I do have copy's of 3 or 4 of those DVD's, albeit in poor condition. If you want a copy please P.M. me and I'll copy it and get it to you. One of them is the one with John Wayne-Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

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