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  1. On occasion Casey will refer to this site and those who frequent it as "The C-130 Community". We all agree that the "Herk" is a life long love affair and we all, here, share that love of our Hercules, which leads me to an observation: the "people" on this site. I am very fortunate in that I am able to travel, and in the past two years I have traveled to Montana twice, for several days each trip and have become fast friends with MTcrewchief. I have also traveled in the opposite direction to "Western Maryland". The visits there have not been as lengthy, however, the time spent with "Giz" and his wife has been exceptional. These two, Ken and Paul, are real, honest, "stand up" individuals and I am fortunate to be able to call them "friend"! Lest I forget I must acknowledge a nice visit, to my home in Wisconsin, by Leland Sills. We had a wonderful visit, albeit short. I don't think I have ever met anyone that knows as much about all kinds of aircraft as Leland!! And you should see his "ride"!!!

    Also, because of this site I have broken a long standing rule of mine: never apply stickers, bumper or otherwise, to my vehicle!!!

    Soooo, to Casey and all the rest of our "Community" I say Thanks, and welcome home brother!!!!!

    I have attached a couple pictures

  2. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the simulator in preparation for my "Engine Run". And how much I dreaded the actual test in a real C-130!! Wish I could remember the test pilot's name, he really did a good job of calming us down and getting the certificate!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday C-130 Hercules.net!! Congratulations Casey!!! I, unfortunately, took on a couple of projects that I should have left alone, therefore, I have not been very active, however, I do check in every day. This forum means an awful lot to me: brought back a lot of memories, refreshed my love of the "ol' gal", I found my old aircraft #877 through this forum, and last but not least, I met and became friends with one of the finest gentlemen I've ever known. And his kid runs a couple ranches "out West"!!!!!! Then there's Giz. Mary and I will see you and Elese again in a month. Another special friendship through this wonderful forum. Leland...thanks for stopping through, I enjoyed your visit!!!! Next time I'll make you take me for a ride in your chariot!!

    Thanks so much Casey....this forum means so much

    tinwhistle aka Chris

  4. I didn't want to hijack the "Veterans" thread with this, but MTcrewchief sent me an essay written by author James Web, titled "Heroes of the Vietnam Generation". Fascinating read!!!!!! My comment to MTcrewchief was that I certainly never considered myself a "warrior". I remember the times we loading up a platoon (or what ever the Army terminology was) of troops after a couple weeks in the bush and thinking that I was lucky I wasn't one of them. Then feeling bad about those thoughts. There is an irony to this: several months ago I was talking to a Marine Vietnam Vet while at the VA Hospital and he said to me that he thought we (C-130 guys), were the brave ones!!!

  5. I must be very honest and say, No, I did not think, at the time, that I would be as proud of my service, 50 years in the future, as I am. I'm not sure what that statement actually means, but I am VERY proud of my service to my Country!!!!!

  6. Well, that wasn't so bad after all! I had completely forgot that fuel is measured in pound as opposed to gallon. Just as a quick aside: do the new generation Herks have the good 'ol po-go stick??

  7. OK guys, I'm probably going to get a months worth of sarcastic ridicule from this, but I have to ask. What possible difference can there be in a measurement of JP-4 and JP-8? Or a tank full of water for that matter? Isn't, say 8 inches, 8 inches?


  8. Ditto what jmitch just said. The fire destroyed only WWII records and not all of them. A couple years ago I sent a request for my fathers medals and awards and received them along with some of his records. Tell ya the truth I didn't know they were useing that excuse for Vietnam Vets. Sending multiple requests (at different times) can sometimes be effective in that you'll probably never get the same clerk. I did the "every piece of paper with my name on it" thing and got back pretty interesting stuff, which in and of itself tells me that somewhere they have a lot of individual records and it's simply a matter of whether you get a good clerk to do the search or not. Course there is the flip side to all of this. The more you request the more they have added to the backlog. Ya, I know, if they did it right the first time............

    Have a good evening guys!!


  9. I fat fingered my original reply into oblovian, probably a good thing. Giz, your absolutely correct and the scenarios are endless. Your scenario comes from the perspective of flight crew: how about us maintenance weenies? We had one set of blanket orders where the "depart from" and "destination" were XXXXXXX in. There were no times of departure or arrival, nothing. A good many of us spent several weeks at a time "in country" and no one knew where we were. That's a fact, I have the Appraisal by the Commander" report that states just that. When I was there we did not have such a thing as "Herky Hill" either, for awhile we slept in, or under the plane. But there is no way of proving that. I'm simply saying that VA needs to come up with a way to fairly adjudicate these claims.


  10. You may racall that a few weeks ago I ran into an old aquaintance and as a result of our conversation I urged him to see the County Veterans Service Office about compensation regarding the postrate cancer surgery he just had. Well, I saw him yesterday and he has not, as of this writing, seen our CVSO.

    On the same topic: at the suggestion of Sam McGowan I have sent a letter to Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Washingto DC. The letter explains the problem that so many of us have in proving our Vietnam service, this whole "boots" thing. I went into a lot of detail and included a packet of various documents to support my effort. This is the kind of thing I enjoy doing and I'm good at it, but even if you aren't real comfortable with it I'd urge you to give it a try. I'm more than willing to send you a copy of the letter I sent and I'm sure Sam would do the same. We're not gettin' younger and some of our brothers need a bit of help........


  11. On a serious note: I was not attached to that squadran, but I would indeed love to attend. Pidgeon Forge is not too bad a drive and it's wonderful country down there. I will be watching for updates and pencil in a trip to TN. in Sept. 2014.

    You really hit it, Keith, when you said you walked out with a lot of old friends! This bunch here is a special, and I look forward to meeting more of you next year.

  12. Oops I think I may have stuck my foot in my mouth!!! Don't you think our Super 8 here in Sheep Dip (I mean Columbus) is big enough to handle all of the attendees??

    At first I was thinking that very same thought, but changed my mind when I remembered that the Super 8 is only a few feet away from the Columbus/I-90 Truck Stop!!!!!!!!!! What better location for a Herky Lurker Convention than a parking lot full of cattle trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just think of the memories that would bring back for all those old loadies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wadda ya think Ken, Casey, and all the rest of you crew chiefs???? Speaking for just myself, I'll furnish a broom for Giz ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks Ken!!!!

    I also would enjoy a get-together for the guys and gals on this here forum! Not sure what we'd call it though!?! If I were to put a little thought into this, I'd really have to work with Casey on some issues. One of those issues: Casey would HAVE to attend!!!!!!! Ya know, I'll kick it around a bit. One thing I do know for sure, right now; if Ken still can't travel we'll hold it in Billings MT. !!!!!!!

  14. My flag pole, out front, flys the Stars and Stripes with the POW/MIA flag directly below. I, for one, will not let them be forgotten, in fact, I have made it my personal responsibility to constantly remind the "media", especially "public broadcasting" that it was they and thier agenda that stirred the unrest of the 60s and 70s and particularly the hatred of the returning GI. I'm from South Central Wisconsin, only a few miles from the Campus of the University of Wisconsin which in the time frame considered was the epicenter of anti war movement and the open and unbridled hatred of the returning military. I will not forget.......

  15. Ditto to what EClark just said. I never did see a birds nest in the nacel. However, on occasion, I did have to clean up the mess made by birds that were sucked into the engine!!! The only thing I could think of at the time was, "at least they can't blame me for the abort"!!

    Buddy of mine, Norm Plantz found a huge snake in the nose gear well one pre flight. 'Til then I didn't think he could run that fast!!!!!!

  16. It's all too infrequent that I hear comments like what I heard this afternoon and I want to pass along a heart warming story. Stopped in at the local "monument" store to check up on the headstone that Mary and I ordered for our cemetery plot as I'm having the image of the C-130 engraved on it. In the course of the conversation, the owner, about my age (somewhat ancient), says to me; "That's a C-130, right? Yes, reply's I. He says: I was a young Army officer in Vietnam in 1968, and whenever we climbed into a 130 we knew we were safe. You guy's were great, and the C-130 was a safe haven for us. We army guys loved it.......

    says a lot, huh!?!?

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