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  1. 4 hours ago, Ahmer said:

    Hello pj , when u put the engine to  normal ground idle, Gen frequency on frequency meter available at GEN switch on OFF position.?

    ahmer, this is the problem. we have 380hz/95%, but fsr needs 385hz to engage. fsr is working correctly. engine is also 

    working correctly but too slow for fsr.


  2. 2 hours ago, NATOPS1 said:

    Ok got it. ANY pictures? (if allowed)

    Guess you can swap out the FSR maybe it has an issue or increase the GI/FI RPM closer to the upper limit.

    If you reset the gen will it go on line without speed increase?

    if you speed up the engine and get the generator on line will it stay online when slowing back to 95%


    no pics, sorry. swapped out fsr, regulator and control panel - no change. silly question, i know, but ...... how 

    do you adjust gi/fi rpm? yes it resets immediately, and will happily stay on line after that, even at low pitch

    stop of 93.some %. yes, fsr will drop it out below 365hz. fsr comes on line at 95.2/95.3% which is the

    advertized 385hz needed. propeller control is EPCS, so no messing with blade angles


  3. Moeed, it is a zero time engine. 


    NATOPS1, aircraft is glass cockpit, so I believe indicated rpm to be same as AUTOTACH. It does match

    generator frequency. Problem is what to do to get off that 95% GI rpm. Changing the engine only puts

    the problem on the ready line for the next time

  4. Hey guys


    Here's a problem that has me stumped. Engine starts up to LSGI (auto & null TIT peaks

    about 810°C). When upshift to NGI engine rpm is 95% and generator will not come on 

    line. You need to manually reset ON or move throttle to speed up the engine. All engine 

    parameters are good at all throttle settings, IBIT check good. Only GI/FL rpm is

    lower than usual, but not out of limit. Generator circuits check good, with all relays,

    control panel etc having been replaced, and even generator replaced. 


    Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated



  5. thank you Paolo, have you checked the oil tank for contamination

    or blockage? also check the oil supply hose (flexible) from tank for

    collapsing. If it only cuts out under load, you may have a fuel 

    starvation problem - take a look at the fuel filter on the fuel cluster

    and also the filter up in the wheel well


    just out of curiousity, is the APU part no 381116-1-() or 381116-3?

  6. As NATOPS1 asks, can the APU be restarted immediately or do you need to wait for a

    time? Likely causes can be oil pressure, load control/acceleration thermostat, faulty

    overspeed solenoid, or some electrical interruption. If you have an APU test stand

    available, I would recommend running the APU there and try to duplicate the 



  7. assuming you have already swapped guages, so i would then shoot TIT from

    the firewall using TD tester, and bumping the TIT wires all the way to the

    cockpit. Next step would be to check power wires to the guage, and also 

    whether it is grounded properly. 


  8. 10 hours ago, Shola said:

    Model of the APU is GTCP80-180L. Part Number of the APU is 381116-1-7. Thanks a lot. 

    Ok was just curious. Gonna go out on a limb here because we had something similar 

    last year. Try replacing flexible oil hoses to and from the oil tank, and make sure the

    rigid lines and the tank are clean and free of contaminants

  9. Hey guys


    Wondering if anyone can help me with info on the N prefix on the blade

    serial numbers. We have just gotten a TCTO covering a number of

    blades. Some of the serials are N8xxxxx others are just 8xxxxx. What

    does the N refer to .....


    Tnx in advance



  10. Cutback is a misleading term, as the TIT before correction may be lower than corrected TIT. For example, TIT before

    light out may be 790°C and 835°C after light out. There was an increase rather than a cutback. AGAIN, there is NO

    limit for TIT before light out, only 800 to 840 after light out.

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