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  1. By looking at the pics of the torque tube i wish i could remember off hand which was which for normal and jettison for the stop bolts. I think its in the jettison position and if so it is possible that if door was improperly rigged the pins will stay in even under a jettison position as it is a close tolerance attach point.
  2. This is a list of the items I was asked to aquire. I will be placing an order thru supply but will also inquire about one of our local vendors being able to make them. Fuselage adapters P/N 3402045-1 NSN 5120-01-344-1510 P/N 3402046-1 NSN 5120-00-572-4930 Tail adapters P/N 403192-1 NSN 5120-00-594-0171 P/N 403187-1 NSN 5120-00-572-4931 P/N 403190-1 NSN 5120-00-594-0172 P/N 403188-1 NSN 5120-00-572-4932
  3. Kwrong1

    Dip Sticks

    The dip stick actually has different scales on them now if i remember correctly
  4. Yes I am and there are different ones for the right side and left side, there was only one of six loaded in our supply system, so i figure its gonna take awhile to get them and we have an acft coming due for the retourqe very soon. Not sure how the one was accomplished recently without them almost afraid to ask. Fed log did have the NSN's though, just have to wait till tuesday to see if we are gonna order them against the aircraft.
  5. Does anyone know of any company's these can be purchased from? It appears we have some really brite people, Our ISO personnel thought since they were not doing the retorques anymore and the flightline personnel would be they could get rid of all their adapters to DRMO/Trash and no-one else has these on hand it appears.
  6. In the late 90's their was also an issue of the slip clutch failing to early and was discovered by trooper getting hung up. We had to set up a pull test system to op's check the retriever about 50% were failing. They also went on to test them in flight using 55 gal. drums and tryed to pull them in. Not sure how they did it was not involved in that process just the op's check.
  7. I have seen it done about half a dozen times by depot teams, the first time they spliced the longeron in, and yes it was a nitemare to rig the cargo door and ramp again. I have seen it take as long as couple weeks to two months.
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