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  1. Dutch, thanks for that picture. It brought back some not so fond memories. If you look at the top left of the picture there is another Herk. The attached pictures are of this aircraft. I was the 3rd wiper on this plane the night w were hit. I have added a few extra pics. scan0001 - tent we stayed in scan0004 - The bunker we spent the night in Scan0005 - The minefield near our tent scan0006 - Guard Tower near our tent Scan0008 - A barracks that was destroyed by a rocket scan0009 - Rocket hole near the command center Scan0016 - another view of my wing tip scan0022 - Puff on ramp scan0028 - Revetments before the attack 62-1815 - Me standing near the damaged wing 62-1815(F4) - the F4 that was hit that started my plane on fire. we were flying the Cricket day mission and were going to rotate back to CCK AB in a few dys. After the planes were destroyed they moved the ABCCC missions to Udorn with the other ABCCC aircraft already there. After looking at the pictures I realize how small the ramp was. Once again thanks for the reminder. Wil
  2. Skip that was great. Thanks for pasing that on. He has another on youtube called things you don't say to your wife. Wil
  3. Fraulein, thanks for the memories. As I was digging through my old stuff I ran across booklet called "A Pocket Guide To Taiwan" that was given to us prior to leaving the US for Taiwan. I'm guessing this was a precursor to the booklet you have. I am attaching a picture of the cover that I scanned in to the Computer. Take Care. Wil
  4. Bob, thanks for the info on 64-0505's crash. I knew it had crashed but had no particulars. I was the crew chief on her from June 1969 to July of 1970. The ironic thing is my 1st mission on 64-0505 was to Agana Guam in July of 1969. We were ther 2 weeks and during that time I saw the B-52 that Venom66 was asking about go over the cliff on takeoff and crashed. It appeared it lost an engine on takoff roll as it reached the no abort zone. When we saw it going down the runway we had a feeling it wasn't going to make it. It ran off the end of the runway and dropped out of sight. About a minute later we saw the smoke. I had seen another B-52 crash in July of 1967 at Da Nang. The plane was making an emergency landing. It landed long and ripped the chutes off and burned up the brakes. It jumped the road that went around the edge of the runway and landed in a mine field where it exploded. There was a 300 foot fireball and a large explosion. The only person that go out was the tail gunner. 2 days later we were driving down the road near the flight line, we saw a flight crew member walking on the side of the road. We stopped and picked him up and gave him a ride to the chow hall. Turned out to be the tail gunner from the B-52. A few days later we were attacked just after Midnight and the VC hit an F-4 parked off of our wingtip. My plane at that time was 62-1815 which caught fire and burned the left wing all the way to #1 engine. We were flying the Cricket mission on an EC130E ABCCC aircraft. While we were there at Guam we were watching TV in the Airman's CLub and watched as the Astronauts landed on the Moon. I also found out you can't wear Jungle Fatigues on Guam. While me and Assistant were walking to the Chow Hall a Staff Car with the Base Commander pulled up. We saluted and were presented to the Base Commander who was not happy that we were messing up his base. We showed him our TDY orders. I was informed that if we were there 1 day past our TDY I would be locked up.I also was refused o be fed by an airman at the Cjow Hall. When I pointed out to his Sarge that he was required to feed us we got to eat. Never went back to Guam.
  5. Thanks for remembering one of the greatest entertainers. Bob was willing to give up everyone of his Christmases while there were soldiers in combat. I was TDY to Bangkok the week of Christmas 1969. Bob and company showed up and began making day trips to Viet Nam on one of the C-130's assigned to him. On his 3rd day the palne that was assigned was scrapped for the day and my plane was available. Bob asked me if my plane would take them there and back. I assured him it would. He and company loaded up and headed out. They returned that evening and as I met them coming off the plane I asked Bob if my plane did it's job. He said it perfomed wonderfully and thanked me and shook my hand and my assistant. I was told to prep the plane for the next day and Bob flew on heer again. The original plane was fixed and Bob returned to flying it again. My plane was #64-0505 and we went back to regular missions. 2 days later we hauled a group of people to Chang Mai. On Christmas day we hauled ROK's to Bien Hoa. There are 2 pictures attached. The first is Bob Hope at CCK 1968. As you can see I didn't get very close. The second picture is Dang's Herky Heaven near the flight line at Bangkok. Hope this brings back good memories. I ate quite a few Ham and Cheese sandwiches there. Wil
  6. Bobby, Mt Crewchief and INS Doppleganger. I have been going thru my old photos and am in the process of scanning them into the computer. I will post some photos of people I hung with as well as some CCK and Taiwan photos.
  7. thanks to tinyclark for the list of planes converted to AWADS. 64-0505 is not on the list because it crashed at Guam on Dec 17, 1972. I was he primary crew chief on her 1969 to 1970. She was a great bird and I was sad to find out about her crashing. Killed everyone on board during that crash. We made many trips to Cam Rahn Bay and Bangkok.
  8. Hey Skip how are you? I read the email from Gary and it brought back some interesting moments in my past. I was stationed at CCK AB in 1969 - 1970 and I had a roommate that was never there. It turns out he was a crew chief on a C-130 Blackbird. I asked what they did and he informed me that there was no such thing as a C-130 Blackbird. He never did talk about anything. Spent all of his time being drunk while he was at CCK and then he would be gone again. I tried to find out about the Blackbird on Google but nothing came up. Anyway hope somebody can help Gary out. Take care and be safe. Wil
  9. Hey Bobby. it is good to hear from you. I don't remember the people you are looking for. I was a SSgt flying out of CCK 1969 - 1970 and spent alot of time at either Ton Son Nhut or Bangkok. I'm sure I worked with you at one time or another. My name is Wil Sanchez and my plane was # 64-505. I hope you are able to find your friends. TaKe care and be safe. Wil
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