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  1. I agree, sounds like a Tepper but both of those reg numbers are to Piper Malibu Mirage type aircraft...
  2. That is a kick in the jimmy... the paint looks nice.
  3. To the 747-400s? The -8 is 18.3 feet longer then the "older" -400 plus she will be getting new wings, more weight reducing composites and more powerful/more fuel efficient engines. Added 13ft in the wing length max takeoff weight has gone from 875,000lb to 975, 000lb (but empty weight also was increased from 406,900 lb to 472,900lb) She has extended her range over the 747-400ER from 7670 nm to 8000nm and her engines (GEnx-2B67 produces 66,500 lbf) has been increased 7000lbf-3200lbf depending on engine option for the 747-400 The 747-8 looks like she will be able to keep going well i
  4. The 747-8 Boeing (after buying out McD) had in its hands the MD-12 and also had a concept that was in this same category called the Boeing NLA and decided to do nothing with it. I think it was a good call. The A380 is a very large aircraft and right now they are selling seats because of how new and unique she is... but this will die down. The 747-8 will do fine to compete.
  5. She should have the gear slapped back on and put in a museum... instead of sold for what will result in scrap.
  6. Isn't that the famous six engined NC-130B Herk?
  7. This is what i was thinking of. I was not aware that later C-130s (H3s and so on) were also AWADS Thanks for the help. What units had the old system?
  8. What units and how many aircraft were modified with AWADS? I know Pope and Ramstein had them. Any list of tail numbers? Thank you
  9. James, If I remember correctly, the aircraft in the picture is the same C-130A that was made up to look like an AC-130H back in the early 1990s. I saw another picture with one that had an ASD-5 where the AC-130Hs had them and another one above the left main wheel well
  10. Well, She was SSgt James's plane...
  11. Any more info on this bird and her crew?
  12. So, I take it that the GBU-44/B Viper Stike on a gunship is dead too?
  13. SOF To Convert One C-27J To Gunship Lite Jul 25, 2008 Amy Butler The Pentagon is planning this fiscal year to buy one C-27 for quick modification as a prototype gunship to augment U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command’s (AFSOC) existing AC-130 fleet. A $1.8 billion reprogramming request from the Pentagon for FY ’08 includes a set aside for $32 million for the purchase of a single C-27, which would be modified to include “proven/known†weapons, sensors and other tactical systems for what AFSOC is calling an AC-XX Gunship Lite prototype. “This prototype will serve as
  14. Try uploading it to a site like photobucket or another of your choice...then post a link
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