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  1. BRIang, The centroid of compartment B (the flight station) for the standard C-130 is shown as 169. For the C-130H-30 the centroid is 269. Also on the -30 a table shows an arm of 240 for the pilots, F/[email protected] 272, [email protected] 292, [email protected] 328 and the L/M in C compartment at FS 366. Bill
  2. Marius, " What's the difference? " The difference is the reference data line ( FS zero). On the short C-130 the RDL is 30 inches forward of the nose whereas on the C-130-30 the RDL is 130" forward of the nose. So the extra 100", about 8.3 feet is your extra length. Just speculating and I could easily be wrong, maybe that was done so there would be no confusion in numbers when switching from the short to the 15' longer A/C. Some military's had both models, at least on the H models that I am aware of. FS 245 is FS 345 on the -30 but verbally we still referred to it as the 245. Oh , FS 737 is not the end of the cargo floor or ramp hinge but is the aft end of what is considered the usable floor as there needs to be space for the farthest aft main cargo floor pallet locks or tie down rings(if bulk loading) before the ramp hinge. Most commercial carriers use trim Stations which are either forward or aft of Trim Station 0. The forward numbers are minus figures and the aft numbers are pluses (+) which is easier to understand for the newly initiated. And for some more UFI as you are working in FS stations, Trim Station zero is 24.07 % MAC. The written information on this is somewhere in a box in storage so I can't provide you with the documentation at present. Hope this is helpful. Bill
  3. Don, thanks for posting the picture. RIP Fred. Bill
  4. Hey Don, The other load was likely Jamie Heath. I can't make out the face but the blonde hair suggests it was Jamie(and I recall Jamie's name mentioned at the bar when "surfin" came up) . Also R.I.P, Jamie was killed in a car accident late nineties (rear ended at a stop sign if I remember correctly). Both were very likeable/good guys. Some of you would probably know Jamie's older brother,Rich(F/E, USAF/SAT and others later). Didn't get a chance to fly with Jamie, but Rich was sure good fun to fly with. As you know, Dennis was the load on the SAT machine (MSN #4250,N521SJ) that hit the land mine at Wau. I didn't know they got footage of it. Great stuff! later.... Bill
  5. Try this link http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Killer+colonel+main+regret+impact+wife/3699988/story.html
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