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    was that the reason for 2 external power hookups? i was always told to use one, but not the other as a newbie.
  2. When I was stationed with the 432nd at DM, a SSGT (my supervisor) went back to Thailand and came back with a couple of birds that were shot up during Nam. The US decided time to bring em home I guess. I remember they flew unpressurized, and atleast one with the gear down.
  3. if memory serves me right, I believe the Bird that went down during testing/practice was a retired DC-130.
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    beautiful, like the aircraft. the roman nose was different. but i first worked on the pinochio nose of the dc-130.
  5. i worked the DC-130's when we imploded one. this led to them being connected to a vent that ran outside the aircraft. not one that the insulation could fall down and block causing the end access panel (door) to be sucked in.
  6. i think it closed the center wing valve.
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