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  1. Sonny, Great piece of history! VXE-6 and the Navy in general did a great service to the science community. I\'ve been proudly serving with the 109th New York Ang since 1996 and have enjoyed working with the men and women of VXE-6 in my early year before the decommisioning. Reading about the early years of VXE-6, 17TAS Firebirds and the history of the 109th gives me a since of pride in my job.... Thank you for sharing your story..
  2. From all of us LC-130 maintainers here at Williams Field, Antarctica to each end every military member, have a very merry christmas and a great new year. [img size=640]http://www.herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/Derrick__s_pictures_035.jpg
  3. I won\'t be crewing 492 on its way down to the ice but I will be in McMurdo Station when it arrives for its test flights. I was lucky enough to be up in Greenland this season with it, but it only had the electronic valve house done. The 8 bladed props where just added in the last month. We at the 109th hope it performs like it was advertised to use...
  4. Don\'t believe everything you read in the media. We\'ll see how 492 performs on its test flights down south this season.
  5. Skier130

    8 bladed Prop

    From what I have been hearing here at Stratton. Is that 92 will be going to the ice for tests during the ODF season. If it performs the way they expect it should we may see all the LC-130 with 8 blades. Pretty expensive venture for the ANG to take on. I hope we do get them for good, Its a lot more quiet when they are flying locals over my house. It sucks being in the flight path. LOL...I can work on the all day don\'t what to listen to them at night...
  6. Here\'s what\'s happening. Aircraft with hyd pressure applied by aux pump. Parking brake released, normal brakes selected, anti skid on and foot pedals depressed to hold brakes, The left forward anti skid valve will occasionally release brake pressure on the left forward brake dropping pressure to zero and then restores it back to 1800 psi. The other brakes drop just slightly. The control box, left anti skid control valve and the left forward transducer have all been replaced, having no affect. Wiring has all been shook down and visually checked. Aircraft had been flying fine days prior, came back with a brakes dragging write up, hyd shop bled brakes, ran follow on maint per tech data, signed it off. Went to fly aircraft, while on spot running to depart jumped forward. All checks above have been done with aux pump no engines running. The left forward brake releases, However if the parking brake is set, anti skid turned off or emergency brakes selected,,, it does not happen. I have printed out the Lockheed Service News for the Anti skid system, which has been no help. Looking for any input...
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