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  1. Sam I got my 130 training while I worked for Southern Air Transport in Miami. I am a veteran but did not work on the 130's while I was in the USAF.
  2. I keep checking the site but my flight picture is not there. I was in the 3708 BMTS at Lackland in February 1968. My flight number was 143. Gee that was eon\'s ago. Hopefully, someone who was there will someday post the picture. I never had one. Man, we were all so young back then.
  3. Way to go Casey, I think this horse has been rode long enough!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for your service, past, present and future. Casey, thanks for the site. Its a great brotherhood here on the board. I hope all have a very happy New Year also. Barrie
  5. Merry Christmas all. I want to thank each and every one of you for your service in the past, present and the future. I hope that the New Year is a safe and prosperous.
  6. I also want to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving day and thank you for all your service.
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