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    Retired form the Army in 1999, after 20 years
    I spent over 14 years on airborne status while in the Army, also serverd in two Ranger BN
    I am currently the G3 Air Officer at Fort Polk LA
    I am also the proud owner of to old C130 hulks that are used for varous types of training, evry thing from pre-Airborne operations, Cargo / vehicle load training, and Crafh fire rescue drills

    What brought me to the site was, one of the old vietnam crew cheif that use to fly my training c130 came by to see his old plane

    I will try and keep the site posted on the training site as time comes along, the main complex is still being built that hosues the 2xC130s

    I figured some of the old flyers might be interested in that their old planes are still in use, still training soldiers
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    G3 Air officer

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  1. Thought i would let you C130 lovers know that on the 18th of this month (Oct) 26xC130 droped a BDE of jumpers into Ft Polk for their JRTC trng Total number droped was 1 heavy by a C17 followed by 16xC130H (all troops) then 10xC130J (all troops) total troop droped was around 1600 This was the largest paradrop in Ft Polk history and prob the largest in a long time, they didnt drop a Battalion it was a whole BDE with equipment and ARTY (which fired soon after setting up) Diff a great site to watch in the moonlight if i come across any news art ill post them for you
  2. The camo pattern was based off a photo of the plane that Mr Hunter had when he was in Vietnam. The 509th patch is from the current unit that uses the plane for their pre-jump trng. the gray plane in the back ground is the other c130 we use for airborne trng also
  3. On 1 OCT Mr Hunter came to see his old plane (58-0755) he was the crew chief on her back in vietnam I also gave him, his wife and brother a tour of the trng area that the soliders use for the pre deployment trng, along with watching one of the units conduct a paradrop of 226 jumpers (out of 4xC130s) I have attached photos and put photos of the planes in my gallery
  4. Sorry for the long delay since the last post, The Army has been keeping me busy, I finally got one plane re painted gray and i am starting on the 2nd one this coming weekend Once i get them done i am going to invite some of the old crews as well as anyone else interested to come see them 1 C130 will be painted as close to the orginal camo colors to include all markings, and the 2nd will have the more current gray color will all markings Ill post some photos in a few days, kind of want to wait so not to give up the surprise
  5. Not sure if that the number on her, but both planes are in my album I will be putting some more on in the future, while they are being re-painted Ill check the others number, i cant remember off the top of my head for sure
  6. Thanks Part of my job is getting the jumpers on the post aircraft, so i deal a lot with all the diff AF wings, I saw that old hulk along with another just siting at Alex airport being used as a storage bld for their dam lawn equipment after talking with a few people up there i got them and moved down to the post so we could use them for training I have alwasy learned its better to pratice on something as close to the real thing before executing the mission, So i got them old planes to use as training aides, Helps them execute a better jump
  7. Wanted to throw this out to some of you AF gents that might have been involed in the mission or know someone that was they are planning a Aniversary this April in a couple diff places, i have attched a link for each as a young Army PVT, at the time i spent a lot of time in the C130s then, for the real mission i was assigned to the CSAR a/c to cover any one that got in trouble to bad it happened the way it did, I still wonder what it would be like now if we did the mission thanks RLTW http://www.specialops.org/events/event_details.asp?id=70365 http://www.specialops.org/events/event_details.asp?id=39988
  8. This old girl is in my hands down here at Ft Polk she is has been placed in a fenced area for the airborne soldiers to use as a pre airborne platform she is going to be re-painted back to her orginal camo pattern, and display along with some of her histroy as well some time later this spring i will be inviting some of her old crew back to see her and she what she is doing, still supporting the troops ill keep you all up dated as time goes by, i do have some photos of her as well as her partner in my photos
  9. Been working with the "J" model for a while, Its a great plane we really like it for doing para drops, its got lots of leg room...LOL The first one i had land here, i swear when the ramp opened up you can smell the "new plane smell"
  10. The Combat INF badge (CIB) is not the 2nd highest award so to speak, its only given to you if you were in a combat MOS while being in a combat area over 30 days They came out with the Combat badge for the non combat MOS personnel to show they also spent time in a combat zone just a few years back, it has the bayonet on it but yes awards are awards and badges are badges, the EIB Expert Inf Badge is a set of task you have to done to earn it, some people have a CIB and still have to go for the EIB by the way my back ground is Airborne Infantry :)
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