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    Joined the AF 1957. Retired a Chief in 1987. Was a 431. Spent the first five years as a B-47 crew chief in the 9th BW/1st BS/9th OMS. In mid 1962 was reassigned to the 7406 Support Support Sqd at Rhein Main AB. A couple of months after arrival made SSgt. For most my tour was the crew chief on C-130A 56-534. In mid 1966 was reassigned to the 316 OMS. Upon arrival at Langley discovered we had no aircraft. What we did have was one SMSgt, two SSgts, one A1c and 96 A3c. Eventually I became the crew chief on C-130E 62-1838 with a crew of 13. Had an exceptional flight chief-SMSgt Lod Seale. Of the 16 crew chiefs there were 15 SSgts and one TSgt. I remember the 36 as a very good outfit. Made TSgt. At some point was transfered to the 37 TAS and became the crew chief on 63-1798. I remember the 37th as a very good sqd. In late 69 recieved orders to Phu Cat AB. There ran Transit Alert/Crash Recovery. Didn't need much practice retrieving bent aircraft as it was almost a daily occurance. When my tour was up went right back to the 37th. Shortly thereafter made MSgt. Was assigned night shift line chief. Amazing how much an organization can degrade in a year. Within ten months had assignement to CCK. While there worked the flt. line and the night shift mostly for SMSgt "Bigdome" Smith. I'm sure everyone thats been there will agree CCK was a ball buster. The off duty activities compensated nicely though. Hung out with TR Taylor, John Hall, Larry Covey, Jerry Pegg and many other great guys whose names I don't remember. After CCK was very luckly to be assigned to the C-130 shop at TAC Hqs. It should be illegal for any NCO to have this much clout. Managed all C-130 busness except engines and avionics. My boss was Cpt. Dick Rose. Another great boss. My intention was to retire at the end of this tour. However, the AMST begain to gather steam. So long story short went to the AFFTC as the test team maintenance superintendent. Leaving Hqs was selected for SMSgt. Somewhere on this site someone said the AMST was a 141 replacement. Not so, very early on it was a C-130 replacement. When tactical airlift transfered to MAC and 141s begain to wear out this all changed. When the DT&E concluded in 1978 I went to a SAC AD. Big mistake. The job turned out to be a ROAD. Now was really going to retire, but, was selected for chief. So, in 1980 went to the 48th TFW RAF Lakenheath and became the FMS superintendent. Later became the AGS super and after that the QA super. In 1984 was assigned to McClellan AFB as the USAFE laision for F-111/A-10 affairs. Retired 1987 and went to work for GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati. Retired from GE and went to work as a contractor at Wright Patterson AFB in the gunship SPO and later in the Combat Talon SPO. Then had brain dump and decided wanted to drive a big truck, which I did for about two years. Finally was able to convice my wife was time to really retire. Thank God she agreed. Geez, this is outragiously verbose. Best I can do to cover 45+ years of work history.
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