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  1. Anyone know of a place to get a decent pubs bag preferably with wheels. The issued ones that look like a Samsonite are garbage.



  2. Hopefully this wasn't an "Us vs Them" post. ;-)

    Whether the crew was correct in their troubleshooting or not there was still an indication problem. So in reality the crew was correct to write something up. Generally speaking one knob width on the throttles should not be enough to "Red Ball." That possible simple TD system issue is not worth it but.....? They had other indications so the writeup was proper as indicated by your gauge swap. In reality this problem was probably worse than a possible TD system malfunction. All we have is the indicators. Really of all the engine indicators the FF gauges were the ones I trusted the most.

    Good on you to test gauges early on. I can tell you I've swapped plenty of gauges myself as aircrew. In flight even!!

    I will say if you were around during the aftermath of the Colorado Springs crash you'll see why "Aircrew" can a bit leery with engine indicating problems. Taking the Pilot/FE knowledge levels into consideration it's better to be safe than sorry.

    I was around then a know the said ACFT and crew well. Chief Vail was a family friend . Summit 38 was a tragic loss. If anybody WIKI's the Summit 838 accident there are a few inaccurate pieces in that write up. Not fun being at the wrong end of a accident investigation board. Anybody that would like to know more just ask.

  3. I just got this from CMSGT Ret Andy Vaquera, former head of the Loadmaster section at Kelly a 130 and C5 Load.

    I think we found Lockheed 3542, former USAF registered 58-6973 and prior USCG 1341 hiding as 58-1341.

    I hope Andy can verify it.

    It is in a big building located on Lackland near the Security Police Museum.

    Correct it is Bldg 1090 . Recently the 344th combined with the 345th in the same building moving the COE . COE is no longer on the Medina side. This particular unit is being used as a logistics trainer.

    If need be I can wander in and look at for you Bob.

  4. (This is Mike Fisher -- I'm answering this from SonnyJ because we are TDY together) Is this a low time, high efficiency engine? A few years ago we were building compressors tight (blade tip to compressor casing clearance) in an attempt to improve engine efficiency - problem was that we were not doing a good job of measuring the clearance. We ended up with a lot of engines that were high efficiency but would not necessarily air start because when the engines were shut down the casing would shrink down on top of the blade tips. This was a significant problem on low time engines (< 200 hours) that we would shut down and immediately try to airstart (like during an FCF). We ended up having to produce a compressor seal break in procedure to get the engines to air start.

    We thought we had eliminated this problem and have removed the compressor seal break in procedure but we are currently producing engines with 109 - 112% efficiency so it is possible that some of these engines will have the same problem. It sounds to me like the prop and NTS are doing what they are supposed to do. What I would recommend is to repeat the cruise engine shut down/airstart and if unsuccessful, leave the prop in feather for about 15 minutes and try again -- this will give the casing and rotor time to converge on the same temperature.

    Mike F

    I see what you are saying here but was'nt most of those motors identified some 5 years ago and action taken ?

    If so was this one of these motors and was a compressor break-in proceedure performed .

    If it is one of these I don't care what aircrew is flying the bird you won't get it started even in bleed air over ride . The case shrinks too far and locks the compressor up. Ran into two of these compressors one at HS and another at the Deid. Both came back caged unable to start. And both were not indentified in time.

    Best to bump the numbers on the compressor against you engine manager just for G.P.

  5. Correct to a point.

    Basic : Aircrew member awarded temporaly 3 level upon completion awarding courses and are permently awarded after successfully completing IQT

    Senior: Completed 7 years of service and 1300 HRS or have 2,000Hrs 72 PAID months of operational flying duty and have obtained 5 skill level.

    Chief: After completion of 15years of aviation service and 2300 HRS or have 3000HRS or 144 PAID months of operational flying duty and have obtained 7 skill level.

    IAW AFI 11-402

  6. Dan ,

    Your about four years behind here. The pic on the left was the trial version used a Ramstein.

    The current version is digitized and not really like the green tiger stripe during the Vietnam era as pictured above.

    Funny Though.:D

  7. Do not exceed tow bar limits.

    The maximum gross weight at which the airplane can be towed is 175,000 pounds. However, at gross weights above 110,000 pounds, exercise extreme caution with respect to surface conditions and rate of acceleration while towing from the nose gear to avoid failing the tow bar shearing mechanism.

    Exactly , thats another reason why you have a brake operator and the APU/GTC running for AC to run the AUX pump for brakes.:cool:

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