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    1991-1995-8th SOS, Crewed A64-0568, A64-0562
    1995-1999-550th SOS, Crewed A69-5821
    1999-2008-653rd CLSS, Depot/ABDR
    2008-Present 374 MXS, R/R, CDDAR
    2008-2009 Lynden L-100-30 (A405) Maintainer
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    (Present) C-130 Repair/Reclamation (A/R)
  1. The pics are awesome.
  2. Sonny, That illustration looks like the contour clamps that use the all-thread hardware that never fit just quite right. I've seen damaged Ailerons because someone tried forcing those clamps into place.
  3. I am looking for recommendations on where or which website I might be able to purchase a quality C-130H wood model with a base. This will be a retiement gift for a co-worker. Thank you for any advice.
  4. Get ready to work alot! I've been on the 130 for 19 years as a crew chief/AR. I always feel for the engine guys. They are a rowdy bunch but get shit done. Kirtland is nice. I was there from 95-99. Good Luck.
  5. BigAL


    Have you checked the upper/lower torque arm bushings where they connect to the strut and where they connect together? They will wear out and cause a shimmy.
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