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  1. Good going ddhix. I think you have demonstrated the value of a good troubleshooting engine ground run. I have always believed, particularly with the Herc, that if on an engine troubleshooting ground run you ask the aeroplane the right questions it will give you the right answers, or at least point you in the right direction. Rgds to all
  2. Good to see you getting well into engine work now Trev. Rgds to all.
  3. Wotcha Steve, We have a locally manufactued cradle for working the pump housing whilst it is removed from the propeller and it works well, both sumps can be accessed with the minimum of handling. Have you an address where I can post a picture ? If so, I\'ll send the details to you.l Rgds To All
  4. Hi Steve, Thats pretty much the way I have always done it too, plus a whole lot of swearing. I find it particularly difficult to keep the pump housing square to the tailshaft as it is being pulled on. Rgds to all.
  5. Hi Tiny, Thanks. I have the valve housing lifting handle. I have only seen the pump housing sling once before and I\'m sure that it was locally manufactured, however, one of the youngsters was asking me whether there was such a sling. If there was such an official item, I\'m sure that someone who visits this site would know about it. Your help is appreciated, thank you. Rgds to all
  6. Hi All, Snoopy (XV208) flew on Wednesday 17 Dec with the A400 test engine fitted in the No 2 position. The flight, which lasted approx 1 1/2 hours, was for handling checks and all went well. On a personal note, it was really great to see the old gal in the air again without that \'orrible lump on her head. Rgds to all.
  7. Good Morning All. Does anyone have part number for a prop pump housing sling? Any help would be appreciated. Rgds to all.
  8. Wotcha Trev, I am looking for more engineers, anybody interested? The second word is \"Off\" Trev Rgds Doughy
  9. Hi Bob, Still keeping my eyes and ears open for XV180. Rgds and a Happy New Year to All.
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