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    Aircraft, cliff diving


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    I am currently station at Cannon AFB (implant from Hurlburt Field) as the Flight Chief for Maintenance Flight. I have worked AFSOC aircraft since 1991 to include AC-130H/U, MC-130P/H and MC-130W models.
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    Clovis, NM
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    27 SOEMS Maintenance Flight Chief

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  1. Welcome!!! Glad you and these old Ladys (Herks) are still around
  2. Just made a nice going away gift for my commander. Now I have to make me one!
  3. Thoughts and Prayers go out to your family...May God comfort your family
  4. I found a ramp out of seqence today on a gunship...was some good training wiith a couple 3 levels to show them how to get the locks to retract and back in seqence. I have seen the outcome of someone raising the ramp with those locks extended as well not a good site to see.
  5. That sounds great! It should be a very cool project putting it back togather so that the STS guys can use it as a static trainer on the range.
  6. I know this is way off subject on a C-130 forum...but I have been tasked to install the wings and tail on a C-9 acft coming from DM...I was looking for any tech data on installation of the wings, tail and the landing gear.
  7. I have seen a lot of leaks develop in this area due to improper hardware installed in the wing splice panel...If longer screws were used in this area it would negate the sealed nut plates in the main tanks.
  8. We just ordered new flight coins and thought I would share a picture with everyone. And yes it's a C-130 spinner coin
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