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  1. Mt.crewchief wrote:


    Thanks for your reply. Do you have any more info other than the date etc? I\'m looking for more details such as crew members etc. You know official write-ups etc. Do you happen to know the crew-chiefs of 0477 at the time? I was at Naha at the time, and I am starting to remember some of the details, but have always wondered what I have forgotten.

    Thanks for any more info you might have,



    Sorry, thats all I know. I was at Naha at the same time also. Try as I might, I can\'t remember the CC\'s names.


  2. jrkaegi wrote:

    From 68-71 i was in the 21th, 41th, & 374 OMS. Looks like the same barracks i live in. Most of the time i injoy Naminoue,the misty bar. Yes i \"remember it Well.

    Did you mean the \"Bar Mitzi\"? It was the place the 21st hung out in \'67-\'68 when I was there.


  3. She sure looks like a Blindbat \"A\" to me. If this is 533 she sure looks different from when I crewed her in \'67-\'68. She still had the camoflague paint with a black bottom then. Called her \"Sonny\'s Honey\" and Russ Saley was my assistant. Don\'t recognize the name of the Crew Chief you all are talking about.

    PS John Reves, who was a 41st Crew Chief, was the first to have his bird painted all black.

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