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  1. On 7/27/2020 at 12:24 AM, Bill Adamson said:


    You are no doubt referring to the L-382G which is 180 inches longer than ( 100 FWD, 80 AFT) the original C-130's and there are 7 pallet positions on the floor.

    As per Lockheed publication SMP 521-4, Section II, page 2-10, Dated 1 JULY 1970 Pallet Position E (5) shows 35,000 lbs. Of interest, the ramp is rated for 6000 lbs., not 5000 lbs. as the shorter ones were. A letter from Lockheed advises there were no structural changes made when the ramp was approved for 1000 lbs more. I speculate that  buying customers wanted the availability of more ramp weight when they got more volume. However, on the C-130H-30's publication TM 382T-5 Section 111 page 3-17, Max weight on the ramp remains 5000 lbs. You can probably confirm this with any C-130H-30 L/M. Maybe it was changed on the C-130J?

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    Be careful the interpretation pag. 2-10,  i.a.w. chg 2 (Jun 15, 1999) only 31.0, but again in E position, what the meaning of ?   

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