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  1. Start by calibrating the gauges for 0 readings, static aircraft and no power.
  2. There is no big problem when you operate in Africa with temps up to ISA+20 in hostile areas, not having adequate resources available. Several times the temp. of oil rises above 100ºC and we have to keep going, otherwise we are stuck on the ground. What magical engines!
  3. Also, propeller malfunction causes that veer. Becare!
  4. Be careful the interpretation pag. 2-10, i.a.w. chg 2 (Jun 15, 1999) only 31.0, but again in E position, what the meaning of ?
  5. Antonio


    I’ll let you shortly.
  6. I am seeking FEI for ab-initio trainees, either FE or LM. (e-mail: [email protected])
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