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  1. The answer is get in contact with the Functional at AFPC through your leadership and see what he can do. That\'s the only way in. I was a T2 FE then had an unfortunate family emergency which caused me to move humanitarian/EFMP wise back to LRAFB out of AFSOC (quite a rare thing for T2 folks). I know the process quite well since I went there from the 50th initially. Bottom-line work through your chain of command in your unit & it should happen for you. T2 may not be in as high of demand as the Shadows now that the CWB issue is a topic of discussion. I\'m sure the slots have been cut considerably but that\'s merely speculation - I\'m out of the loop these days. If you want Hurlburt you might want to consider going to the 6th SOS they have a great mission & I hear the old reasons for not going (cops running the show, bad TDY\'s, blah blah blah) are no longer true. I\'ve heard great things about the 6th - I once was seriously thinking about it but have since passed up that chance. My last bit of advice though - no matter what airframe you go to in AFSOC, if you\'ve got a substantial amount of time remaining in the AF you mine as well accept the fact that it\'s highly likely to \"smell\" Cannon in your career.
  2. Are there still any PFE jobs out there or are they dwindling away? Do you have to have your FE tickets & A&P to apply? I\'ve still got close to 6 years before I\'m retirement eligible so I would think by then it would be close to impossible to find a PFE job anymore.
  3. That other thread answered my questions & then some - outstanding. I don\'t want to be an instructor that teaches garbage. Thanks for the assist.
  4. Gentlemen, According to the Flight Manual, Flight Idle RPM is 92.5-100.5 %. If RPM in flight idle were to decrease as low as 92.5% what would prevent the acceleration bleed valves from opening below 94%. Do they actually open during Flight Idle operations in this case? Thanks all.
  5. Thanks gentlemen - I appreciate the help.
  6. That would be great if you can verify. I should probably just go ask my MXS guys - I want to ensure I\'m teaching current information to our new guys out here at the Rock. Thanks,
  7. Can anyone confirm that all of the e-model stainless steel bleed air ducts have been replaced with Inconel ducts under TCTO 1397? I don\'t see the TCTO listed in the -1 anywhere so that tells me it\'s been completed on the fleet but I wanted to see what the masses had to say before I put it to rest in my mind.
  8. I\'m not positive but the EC-130\'s or Capsule birds may have done that - again I\'m not sure.
  9. Does the Navy in fact utilize the C-130T and are they able to in-flight refuel from a boom.
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