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  1. hi...i sent u a mail in your mail box here...think u might not have seen it...well i wished if u could help me regarding this checklist..if u can send me this also..i'll be thankful [email protected]
  2. 1 disengages the lock...and 2 supplies the hyd to lower ramp..well u need to practically do it ur self for once and u'll understand how it goes..u can go counter clock wise but to open the ramp u'll have to go more clicks to reach 1..at no 6 and three the hyd supply is cut off..thus making it safe for any accidental movement.this N means neutral.
  3. i think...atm motor is pneumatic driven and it drives generator.when you put load on gtc for atm and engine simultaneously it may stall or give underload problems.that is why it is advised to shut atm at 10% rpm... what do u say guys!
  4. well the RGB oil pressure is 150 - 250 psi
  5. well the vibrations are fine... any other clue
  6. hey big guys give an input...need help
  7. A FALSE low propeller oil warning light has caused many shutdowns in air. the culprit was oil level float indicator...Hydraulic used is 5606..and oil level float indicator part no is 519661... do u guys get the same problem with the floats or there is another oil level float being used..please tell any other reliable float(s) that don't make a false warning.
  8. A number of RGB's have failed due to quite a handsome size of metal chunks detected by magnetic drain plugs..what could be the possible reasons for this cause... oil used is 23699 and is changed properly. Propeller dynamic balancing is also done properly. engine used is T-56-A-15 unable to find a good reason for these overhauled RGB's.:confused:
  9. 1.check gtc bleed drop time.if it less the 8.5 sec from 30 to 15 psi.theres prob of leakage in ducts.if its ok..no leak. 2. i suppose u had checked the serviceability of air bleed valve and starter control valve. 3. TIT is ok .so i think no need of checking T.D amplifier 4.do CIP blowing and 14th stage air filter cleaning. hope this would help
  10. thx guys...i also found the scavenge pressure limits..the book says for power section its 40-50 psi RGB=70-75 psi but practically on gages it hardly exceeds 35 psi.. ....... and tusker thx for welcoming a new person.. more over if you were serious about burying your books.. doesn't it hurt you to throw such a precious knowledge. any way thx
  11. hi every one...! i needed to know that what is the oil scavenge pressure of power section and reduction gear of T56 A-15 engine...because i couldn't find it any where..
  12. cleaning of 14th stage bleed air filter and CIP blowing might help...if problem persists do a ground run in mechanical governing...adjust mech gov from FCU if problem shows in mech gov...
  13. ....... about the diagram that i posted ...it and some of the local concepts at my place drove me nuts...but i could not find anything written to get corrected.. .... for the size of the book ..what if u can split it in two portions(pdf or word document files can b splitted),save it, then separately zip/compress it and email me as attachment...or if u find splitting it cumbersome just zip/compress the book (as you did to the diagram you posted) and email me as attachment.. ... i heard that gmail is giving good attachment size..heres my gmail id: "[email protected]" ...... thx for your cooperation
  14. thx every body...hey can any body give me a soft-copy of any book on T56 A-15 engine.
  15. buddy see this picture also that i have posted
  16. you r right as for as considering the scientific law about heat exchangers but while surfing the internet i found some diagrams that show oil passing through the inside of the tubes in heater and strainer assembly and fuel around the tubes ... if u referred to the B-2-4 engine maintenance manual its alright because i have studied it..if u r talking about some other reference material,i'll be thankful if u send me a soft copy of that (and the temperature increment range is -70˚F to +34 ˚F.)
  17. hi every one..i am in a confusion that what flows inside the tubes of heater and strainer assembly of T56 A-15 engine.is it fuel or oil?plz give some reference material also if u have... thx
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